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The Parable of the Tavern

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I wrote this fanfic a long, long time ago as part of a trilogy in another online forum that unfortunately no longer exists since more than a decade ago. The good thing though is that I was able to save a copy of it on my email. I decided to post this again on another forum (this one) as a sober reminder of those times.


Some of the names, places and events mentioned on this parable are based on actual ones. The tavern refers to the forum where this story was originally published, the tavern owner refers to the admin, etc. If you can manage to decipher the hidden messages in this parable and post what you've found here, then be my guest.


And who is the Sage in this story? Take a guess 😆 .


Enjoy reading.





1 Once there was a merchant, of great skill, who lived by the busy streets of Alberta, in the kingdom of Rune-Midgard;
2 And he built himself a tavern, as a place of gathering among the adventurers.
3 And the tavern became widely famed, for its wines are among the finest in the land.
4 Adventurers have begun to gather at the kingdom, and travelled to the cities, and have heard of the great tavern at the city of Alberta; and thus they came to visit, to savor its wines, and to socialize.
5 The merchant, and his right hand, the bartender, became overburdened, for they cannot keep up with the demands of the tavern's populace; so he hired people: chefs, waiters, and guards, to keep the tavern in good order.
6 And so it came to pass that the merchant needed to tend to his other work. So he summoned his bartender, gave him authority on the tavern and his workers, and bade him, to keep the tavern he labored to build from falling apart.
7 And he called upon the workers he hired, and spoke to them, saying: If I ever become displeased with your labors and your deeds, you shall be fired from my tavern, amd shall never set foot upon it again.
8 And the workers swore an oath, that they shall obey the words of their master and that their labors shall not falter, or else they shall be banished, and shall never set foot upon it again.
9 But as the workers labored upon the tavern, in their hearts they began to nurture a sense of hatred towards the pople; especially at the strangers, who travelled far and wide from the other cities of the kingdom, the drunkards and the topers, the little novices, who passed by and stayed awhile, and the bandits, disguised as ordinary visitors, that lived in hidden towns; and strife began to reign upon the tavern.
10 Some of the workers desired to make their wraths upon them known, for the tavernpeople have weighed heavily upon their backs, but they have remember their oaths, and have kept their mumblings to themselves.
11 But one of the workers, a waiter, rose among them, and began to curse the strangers, and the topers, and the novices, and the visitors, and called them names, for his hatred was full; and the people began to murmur about him and his deeds.
12 And so the bartender, upon hearing the mumblings of the tavernpeople, approached the waiter, and warned him of his wicked deeds.
13 But the waiter did not heed, for he has hardened his heart, and has hardened his neck, and he began to curse his master the merchant, and the bartender, and the other workers, and in his hatred has killed an acolyte.
14 The merchant has seen and heard what the waiter has done, and he had him fired, and handed him to the city guards to be thrown into prison, to set an ensample to his other men the fate that shall befall to them if ever they become as vile and wicked as the waiter has become.
15 And in haste they have returned to their work, and for a while the tavern stood still.
16 And the worker continued to labor upon the tavern; and it continued to prosper, with more people flocking to its doors with each passing day.
17 The strangers have not tormented them, for some of them became patrons;
18 But the topers, in their blind rage, have upsetted chairs and tables, for they have become inverbriated with the wine, and they have slain their enemies upon the tavern, with their daggers, and their swords, and their spears, and their axes, and their bows, and their weapons of war, and their hexes, and their elemental magics;
19 And the novices, in their sheer ignorance, have shown of things not meant for the human eyes to see, and spoke of things not meant for the human ears to hear, and has irritated the patrons and the workers with their constant inquiries;
20 And the visitors, the bandits, in their pride, have boasted of their might, and their claim to freedom, and of their towns' charm and beauty, and have become rebellious, that His Majesty has sought their capture and their towns' destruction.
21 And a knight rose among the patrons, and began to curse at them, and call them names, that they began to tremble in fear to his naked blade; and he, in his drunken rage, has slain a number of them.
22 As the knight went about laying waste upon his enemies, the tavern guards seized him by the limbs, for he has become drunken with the wine, and was given to the city guards to be cast into prison, along with the criminals and the outcasts.
23 And thus the workers returned to their usual labors. So the guards labored upon the task of maintaining peace upon the tavern; and the waiters labored upon the task of serving the tavernpeople; and the chefs labored upon the task of serving good food and fine wine, for they have access to the cellars.
24 They began again to develop hatred in their hearts, for the tavernpeople have tormented them, and their burdens becaem heavy, but they dared not curse at them, for fear that the same fate shall befall upon them as the waiter;
25 But an aura of haughtyness has already been felt; for the workers preferred to speak with the patrons, those with godly helms upon their heads, and equipments with great strenght and rarity, over those with only a hat upon their heads and a simple knife within their cloaks, those who are dim-witted, and those with only a few zennies inside their pockets.
26 And the fruits of their labor shall soon be felt;
27 For war has begun, after the passage of time, between the rebels and the king;
28 And the people became displeased with the king, and grew tired of Rune-Midgard.
29 Some of the adventurers have passed away, and their memories forgotten;
30 Some have joined the rebels in the fight for their cause;
31 And some have sought refuge at the neighboring kingdoms.
32 The king has seen the slow depopulation of his realm, and has begun to execute reforms, in the hopes of restoring the kingdom to its former glory;
33 Still the bandits continued to gather recruits, and began to grow strong in numbers;
34 And the refugees refused to return, and leave their peaceful lives on the other kingdoms.
35 Thus the neighboring kingdoms began to grow and prosper, while Rune-Midgard began its slow decline.
36 And the tavern, in turn, has started to decline, for fewer adventurers have passed through its doors with each passing day.
37 So the merchant began to renovate the tavern; still it suffered, for the kingdom's inhabitants are fewer than before, and the novices and the other adventurers abhorred the tavern and its people.
38 The workers and the patrons reminisced the days when the tavern was prosperous;
39 When its was crammed with adventurers of all kinds, great and small, rich and poor;
40 And how they are amused with the waiter, and then the knight, at how they terrorized and tormented the weak and the lame, and cursed them and called them names; and how they wished the tavern would be the same as it once was when it was first built.
41 One day, an elderly sage stopped by the city of Alberta.
42 He has once been of this kingdom, in the city of Geffen, and has once visited the tavern, known for its fine wines and gracious people.
43 He had once again set his foot upon the tavern, and marvelled in awe at the changes the merchant has made.
44 So he sought them out, the people of the tavern, and hailed and greeted them.
45 But the people, in their arrogance, have hardened their necks, turned their backs, thought of him as a bore, a dumbledore, and a plain old fool, and wished in their hearts that they should never have seen his face;
46 For he was not a patron, and was not like the waiter, nor the knight.
47 And when the sage cannot endure anymore the arrogance of the people, he began to weep;
48 For he had once held the tavern in high regard, among all the other taverns of the city, and among all the taverns of the kingdom;
49 And he began to curse at the tavern, and at its people, and at the kingdom, and at its leaders and inhabitants; and has left the tavern in grief, and hid at the outskirts of his city, until the end of his days;
50 And has witnessed the fall of the kingdom; for as time had passed, the kingdom of Rune-Midgard has declined, its power and glory fading away;
51 For the bandits are starting to win their wars, and has gained a considerable number of recruits among the populace;
52 For the elites have tormented upon the weak and the destitute, for they think of themselves greater than them, and desired that they should bow down to their wills;
53 And the poor and the oppressed have grown tired of the kingdom and its people, and has sought refuge at the neighboring kingdoms.
54 Thus the kingdom has greatly weakened, and the bandits have seized the throne, and began their reign of chaos and agony;
55 And the king has fled, to establish a new kingdom, a new Rune-Midgard; one he hopes would surpass the old in power and glory.
56 And after seeing the fall of the kingdom, the merchant became stricken with fear, for he did not want to see thieves and rogues, and have assassins knocking at his door;
57 So he gathered his gold, and his money, and has fled the kingdom along with the other adventurers of the land;
58 And they have abandoned the kingdom, and the cities, and their places of gathering, including the tavern, and has left it in ruins.
59 And thus the tavern has closed.


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