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Blitz Hunter, Sniper

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Hello guys, I am Ranger. Lets talk about Blitz Hunter, Sniper! If u find this post “conflicts”/ wanna discuss, share ur ideas, Lets go!


First, U can find the difference between Revo Rag and Other version stats here:


      “VIT, AGI, and LUK skills are boosted. While STR,DEX, and INT, were nerfed… A LOT.”


Stat analysis for Blitz Hunter, Sniper:


Str: No, u have gym to make it up, unless u wanna play Beast Strafe and marry a Soul Linker!

Agi: Without a doubt this is the most important stat, Low agi = Low Falcon fly, cant dodge anything. Max it or get at least 90 (Maximum it is recommanded)

Int: Here we go, the third important stat! Every 2 int =  10 falcon dam. (Max Steel Crow plz)

Dex: Trapper, DS hunter main stat, but here, every 10 dex = 10 falcon dam (Pretty low compared to int)

Luck: The secondary important stat, adds crit chance, resistance to abnormal status, physical dam, magical      

dam… and Dawn of Falcon! Min = 70 luck (Skill, Gears). Every 1 Luck = 0.3% Crit and Falcon  Fly



Cool. Fast and furious. Classical Farming Style, Auto cast and stuffs


No burst dam

Vulnerable to ghost property, because Auto Blitz/Blitz Beat is neutral attack, no matter what!

Take times to eredicate something, enjoy it!


Note: (My opinion)

1.      Max agi, go big or go home!

2.      Most pp say leave Luck be at 60. Okay, 60 is minimum, 70-90 is recommanded, 90~120 or above is optimal! Why? Because I “hate” 183 atsp and “the hot trend” 60 luck. In real kombat, 60 luck does quite strigger the falcon fly, but its not a decend number. The real decent number is 70-80 luck, u can see the falcon fly frequency rises more. 90 Luck? Hell Yeah, WAR BLITZ! I have tested 70 dex 60 luck hunter vs 30 dex 80 luck hunter, the result u guys can guess. I don’t like hybrid!

1 luck = 0.3%, 3 luck = 0.9%. 90 luck is a perfect number, the multiply of 0.3!

 3.      Dex and int fomular works exactly as posted up there. 9 dex or 1 int = No falcon dam (Sorry). Aim 3x dex, the rest is int ‘till u gain 1k Blitz Beat, up more int for more Blitz Beat (Maximum 12xx, not worthy). So 1k is recommanded!

4.      PP say if u miss, the Falcon wont be striggered. Result is quite contrary, it striggers even if u miss the target. As long as ur atsp is high enou (185 min, 186~190 recommanded), Auto Blitz depends on ur atsp, not ur hit!

5.     In Revo ragnarok, for dealing dam, a high refined high dam weapon is better than 3,4 slotted weapon. Pick +10 Quad curse or +7+8 Gakkung [2], ur call!  An Archer Ske is da bezt card, it not only boosts ur weapon dam, also boosts dex dam (Demi human card etc adds weapon dam only). its... unwise to put a silly card on ur precious bow but Archer Skeleton! (if u got boss card, unharm to try it)






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Since we had Ring of Flame Lord set and lower gear frenzy falcon . Well u can consider a 90 agi, 44 int, 99 luck base, no dex! 

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