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There are some observations/testing for the GM to verify if it is a bot or not.


"Irregular play patterns such as returning to the same location and sitting at the same location continuously."


They will now add it on their watchlist by batch and interact with the suspicious character. If that character didn't respond to any actions from the GM then it is confirmed that it's a bot. 


With your wish/suggestion, Having a monster that can 1 hit a Bot player may not be applicable because it will only return to it's original map set by a user and farm/kill monsters again. If they(ROEXE) change the attributes of a monster it might affect other players(that is not a bot) as well. They need to add additional stats for EACH and EVERY monsters exist in Ragnarok.. 


So from my standpoint, I'll say that it is not possible..




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3 hours ago, reinhartpendragon03 said:

Ahh, i see...Thnx sir, that explains why banning BOTS takes long.

Yes. The ratio for every GM : Player to monitor..




For bot.. 
1:100~200 (estimated)

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