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Found 7 results

  1. Hey there, I couldn't find any details about server information for RO extreme. Details like exp rate, customizations, available classes, and etc. Can anyone point me to correct website or page? Thanks in advance!
  2. New Refinement System is coming this March 2020. For those Assassin/Assassin Cross who are still thinking what Garment should they use then this is a good time to have a poll and answer why they pick the garment they want. +9 Golden Angel Wings [1] +7 Poring Backpack [1] This is for the others to be guided and have a little knowledge with the inputs/comments provided. Cheers!
  3. ROEXE MSP Game Team, What: I would like to suggest to have 3 days VIP System to be implemented on our server. Reason:This is for those people who only plays during weekend starting from Friday to Sunday. For review and approval from the management. Thanks!
  4. See Monsters - Revo DB lookup for reference. Goodluck and Rok On!
  5. Hi ROEXE Team, Kindly check on the newly released item Ereme's Cape. I believe it should have slot [1]. (Enforcer Cape from other server) In addition, the job required is "All". Is there any job that can use Grimtooth Skill aside from Assassin/Assassin Cross? or Can it be used by other class when upgraded to +7? Cheers!
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