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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. New Refinement System is coming this March 2020. For those Assassin/Assassin Cross who are still thinking what Garment should they use then this is a good time to have a poll and answer why they pick the garment they want. +9 Golden Angel Wings [1] +7 Poring Backpack [1] This is for the others to be guided and have a little knowledge with the inputs/comments provided. Cheers!
  2. ROEXE MSP Game Team, What: I would like to suggest to have 3 days VIP System to be implemented on our server. Reason:This is for those people who only plays during weekend starting from Friday to Sunday. For review and approval from the management. Thanks!
  3. See Monsters - Revo DB lookup for reference. Goodluck and Rok On!
  4. Hi ROEXE Team, Kindly check on the newly released item Ereme's Cape. I believe it should have slot [1]. (Enforcer Cape from other server) In addition, the job required is "All". Is there any job that can use Grimtooth Skill aside from Assassin/Assassin Cross? or Can it be used by other class when upgraded to +7? Cheers!
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