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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! First of all I would like to greet all of you a Happy 3rd Ragnarok MSP Anniversary!! We are here again to discuss and for me to share my stats/equipment to give the best of my knowledge about the recent updates/patches that we had from the previous months. If you have read the previous article before - Assassin Cross Double Attack Critical then you will have a quick understanding and knowledge about our discussion for this forum thread. Before we move on, I would like to thank PingBooster(VPN I am currently using) it supports ROmSP. To download/signup PingBooster - Say Goodbye To High Ping NOTE: All the stats/build/equipment are for reference and baseline only. It will depend on the person/player if he/she will copy the stats provided on this thread/topic. Moving on, I'll be posting my stats-build with equipment below for your reference. Dagger Type - GAW Type (90/90 Stats) *For higher tier, you can use any [1] middle headgear for Orc Hero + Alice Doll[1]. For mid Tier, you can use Gemini Card + Valk Armor with decent VIT. VIT: 32+15 = 47 Gemini Card(90 Agility) + Valk Armor = 100+ Resistance from Stun. Katar Type - GAW Type (90/90 Stats) *To Boost Damage, use Bloody Shackle Ball Set and remove Black Leather Boots and The Sign. For ASPD, you can use Thief Figure if Ring Of Flame Lord is not available. I already discussed the usage of sidewinder card and snake head hat (on my own opinion) from the part 1 of my guide (Assassin Cross Double Attack Critical) +9 GAW[1] vs +9 Sappun's Tail[1] When equipped with Sappun's Tail, ASPD is higher compared to +9 GAW (with +7 MGAW) - See image above. Sappun's Tail Cons: There is a slight delay(depends on ASPD) when triple attack is activated. (NOTE: It also interrupts the skills for I am using Ring of Flame Lord.) Pros: Good ASPD bonus when +9 Slotted [1] Reasonable Price Good for Farming/Levelling using Katar Flexible Status (No need to attain 90 stats like GAW) Golden Angel Wing [1] Cons: Need to lock your stats to 90 90 build. Pros: Easy to create a build/stats Good FLAT ASPD +2 bonus when refined to +9 Slotted [1] Alice Doll / Sigrun's Wings vs +9 Wanderer Sakkat Note: With my old Build low VIT using Sigrun's Wings and AD vs +9 Wanderer Sakkat. Night Raven Shawl [1] Cons: Limited for critical build characters (unlike GAW) Need to upgrade to +10 to unlock additional status Same damage like +7 Poring Backpack [1] BUT the stats doesn't require 90 attributes. Pros: You can have flexible stats that you can lessen the LUK and allocate it on the other attribute because of the Additional Critical Rate from the Garment. Slotted [1] Good critical damage and critical rate bonus when in +7 (When you're upgrade is failing) Brynhild: God Item (Not recommended) Pros: Increase Physical/Magical Damage by 10% Increase Max HP by Base Level * 20 Cannot be knocked back Cannot be destroyed during WoE Cons: No Slot You'll get frozen status during WoE Cannot be upgraded Temporary Accessory/Item: *Limited Time only in Celebration of ROMSP 3rd Anniversary I am currently using this accessory and replaced my Ring Of Flame Lord. it gives me additional +2 ASPD bonus. Thanks to ROMSP for the free reset of skill/status. (For more info click here: ROMSP 3rd Anniversary Freebie!) Garment Cards: Green Maiden (I advise to use this for Dagger Type ONLY) Whisper Boss Card (Will depend on your SinX Stats) Raydric or Noxious Card (For WoE survival) For reference: Revo DB Item Search Revo DB Monster Search And lastly, My Current Build: (See video below for the damage testing) Strength 60 Agility 97 Vitality 46 Intelligence 1 Dexterity 1 Luck 63 Thanks again and Happy 3rd Anniversary ROMSP! Cheers and ROK ON!,
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