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Found 2 results

  1. FIX: Manually install the Anti-Cheat. 1. Go to your Disk Drive in which the Ragnarok Folder is installed. 2. Open Easy Anti Cheat Folder. 3. Install the Blue Bear Icon (Run As Admin) 4. Run the client again 5. If error still occur, visit Ragnarok Online MSP official site via Live chat for your concern.
  2. For Share: (Clean)how to uninstall/install the game. "Clean" means a fresh install without the archived files/data on your local machine. NOTE: This procedure will only apply if you encountered an issue/error/bug in a game that cannot resolve via basic troubleshooting. CAREFULLY follow the steps/instructions below: 1. Uninstall the game (Control Panel > Remove) Note: Optional if you still have your RO installed 2. Manually Delete remaining files of Ragnarok on your Disk Drive/Partition. 3. Go to your Windows Menu and type Run or Press the Windows Key + R on your Keyboard 4. Click the Run application Type "regedit" without the quotations and press Enter If you're using Windows 8.x or above, from the Windows Menu just type regedit **IMPORTANT don't tinker all the files listed except the ones instructed 5. Click the arrow to expand from the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" 6. Click the arrow to expand from the "SOFTWARE" 7. Click the arrow to expand from the "WOW6432Node" 8. You will see two folders named "Gravity" and "Gravity Soft" in the list (Check the path on the lower left of the registry window) 9. Right Click on the 2 files mentioned and click Delete. (Verify/Confirm before proceed with the deletion) 10. Once deleted, close your regedit and Restart your PC/Laptop 11. Once complete please Reinstall again your RO on your Disk Drive. *Just to make sure, it's better to have the latest version of the game via download. You can reach out to the Customer Support Agent to provide you the latest .exe client installer. The steps/instructions has been provided to me by the ROEXE Team during troubleshooting on my RO Client. Just to share: If you have additional Disk/Partition drive... when installing the game make sure that the installation path is different from your OS(Operating System) Drive - Default is Drive C:\. This is to prevent performance issue of the game running on the same drive of your Operating System. Because the Operating system performs all basic tasks file management, memory management, process management, handling input/out and etc... Cheers!
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