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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I just want to share my Assassin Cross (also known as SinX) dual dagger build for those who are interested. Double Dagger Build: Equips Two Daggers instead of Katar(2-Hand), and makes use of the Double attack skill. This build is good for PvM and for WOE (will discuss later) PROS: High Damage Output in 1 Hit High DPS CONS: Low ASPD Weapon is TOO expensive. Cards for left hand is hard to find (sometimes) Stats STR: 80~90 (High DPS) AGI: 90 (Good amout of ASPD with Dual Dagger) VIT: 40~60 (For stun resistance) INT: 1 DEX: 30~40 (For the double attack to connect and for MvP as well) LUK: 1 (or divisible by 3 for 1ATK) Equipments: Headgear(Upper) King Tiger Hat [1] (High-Tier) Pros: High Damage output when transformed to Eddga, Slotted [1] Cons: Too Expensive and the proc of the transformation depends on the Level of upgrade. +7 Moving Golden Angel Wing [0] (Mid-Tier) Pros: Good additional bonus stats when upgraded to +7 Cons: No Card Slot [0] Black Shiba Inu Hat [1] (Mid-Tier) Pros: Good amount of damage compared to Alice Doll, Can transform to Atroce for additional damage, Slotted [1] Cons: The proc of the transformation depends on the Level of upgrade. Alice Doll [1] (Low-Tier) Pros: Can be bought in Cash Shop(ROK Item) , Slotted [1] Cards for Head Gear: Lord Knight Seyren [MvP] Gemini S58 Card Marduk Headgear(Mid) Sigrun Wings - Attack Speed Angel Spirit - Additional HIT+15 / STR +2 Robo Eye - Dex and ATK% Headgear(Lower) Elephangel PH (High-Tier) - Additional HP and Demi-Human Reduction Gangster Scarf (Mid-Tier) - ATK/MATK (For Fallen Angel Wing Set Build - STR 80) Pirate Dagger (Lower-Tier) - ATK +5 Armor: Valkyrian Armor [1] (High-Tier) - All stats +1, Indestructible (except in upgrade) Upg Thief Clothes (Mid-Tier) - Using Upgrade Set Thief Clothes[1] or Ninja Suit[1] or Pantie[1] (Low-Tier) - Cheap and can be use for switching Cards for Armor: Evil Druid Card (Deadly) - For WoE/PvP Marc Card (Unfrozen) - For WoE/PvP Porcellio - For PvP/PvM Pasana - For WoE/PvP Weapon (Right Hand): Scalpel [3] (High-Tier) - Level 4 Weapon *Ice Pick [1] / Ice Pick [0] (High-Tier) - Level 4 Weapon, Slotted [1] Assassin Dagger [1]/ [0] (Mid-Tier) - Good additional HP/SP Gladius [3] (Lower-Tier) - Level 3 Weapon Weapon (Left Hand): Ice Pick [1] / Ice Pick [0] (High-Tier) - Level 4 Weapon, can have a weapon slot [1] Sandstorm [4] (Mid/Low-Tier) - Can be used for Switching Main Gauche [4] (Low-Tier) - Can be used for Switching **Can be used as well in right hand as an alternative + [4] Carded Left Hand Cards for Weapon: *Turtle General Card MvP (High-Tier) *Drake Card MvP (High-Tier) *Phreeoni Card MvP (High-Tier) Hydra Card + Skeleton Worker - 2x 20% racial + 2x 15% size card (left hand) Shield: (Switching) Valkyrja's Shield [1] (High-Tier) - Good resistance against other elements Platinum Shield [0] (High/Mid-Tier) - For heavy magically attack Upg Buckler [1] (Mid-Tier) - Using Upgrade Set Bucker [1] (Low-Tier) Card for Shield: Thara Frog Card Garment: Golden Angel Wing [1] (High-Tier) - Good additional/bonus attritube with 90 Stats, (+9 for more bonus) - ASPD Poring Backpack [1] (High-Tier) - Good additional/bonus attritube with 90 Stats. (+7 for more bonus) - ATK Fallen Angel Wing [1] (High/Mid-Tier) - For 80 STR build, Good stats when equipped with GangScarf and F.Angel Belonging Valkyrie Manteau [1] (High/Mid-Tier) - Reflect 5% melee damage back to enemies. Increases percentage reflect damage by (upgrade level*2). Upg Manteau [1] / Muffler [1] (Mid-Tier) - Using Upgrade Set Wool Scarf [1] or Undershirt [1] (Low Tier) - Cheap and can be useful. Cards for Garment: Noxious Card - WoE/PvP Raydric Card - WoE/PvP Baphomet Jr. - PvM Whisper Card Footgear: Upgrade Boots[1] - Using Upgrade Set Shackles - Paired with Bloody Shackle Ball) Valkyrian Shoes [1] - Maximum SP + 2 * Job Level *+9 Sandals/Shoes/Boots [1] - For Firelock Card Shadow Walk - Use if under heavy magical attack damage from enemy, +MDEF (Auto Cloak) Cards for Footgear: Matyr Card - AGI/HP Green Ferus - VIT *Firelock Card - STR Male Thief Bug Accessories: Ring Of Flame Lord (ROFL) (High-Tier) Bloody Shackle Ball - Pair with footgear Shackles The Sign - Additional 5% ATK/MATK (Quest) Golden Clip[1] - HP and ATK 2% VC02 - To Boost ATK Rouge's Treasure - Good attritube if 90 stats Ring [1] /Brooch [1] (Low-Tier) Thief Figure - Agi+1, If you are Thief, Aspd+3%, Can be bought in ROK Shop Cards for Accessories: Owl Baron Card Alligator Card Mantis Card - PvM Leveling with Anolians: Thor Volcano: MvP Kill: Thanks for your time reading this simple guide.
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