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Found 2 results

  1. Hi again and I would like to share my thoughts and inputs for the recent patch (Double Critical Attack) that we have. DD - Dual Dagger DCA - Double Critical Attack DA - Double Attack From this thread, we will discuss both Katar and DD using DCA. See below for my suggested/balanced stats. Katar Type Build: STR - 90 AGI - 90 VIT - 39 INT - 1 DEX - 1 LUK - 40 Stats explanation: With LUK 40 at Job 70, you have additional +8 bonus for LUK with a total of 48 LUK (divisible by 3). Every 3 LUK = 1 ATK in our server. Having a Katar Weapon, you can easily have perfect crit since the CRITICAL(in your stats) is doubled for Katar users. 40 LUK will have 18 CRITICAL and with the use of Abrassive(+30 CRITICAL) you have 48 CRITICAL With 1x Rouge's Treasue +10 CRITICAL you will gain 28 CRITICAL + Abrassive(+30) = 58 CRITICAL Dual Dagger Build: STR - 39 or 40 AGI - 90 VIT - 39 or 40 INT - 1 DEX - 1 LUK - 90 NOTE: This is just a recommendation, It's up to you to adjust VIT/LUK (For Katar) and STR/VIT (For Daggers). Both stats are "Mob Scarf" build ready for upcoming patch - Stats to be consider for balancing your stats. Equipments for Both Katar/DD: Same with the guide that I created (HERE) Additional Changes from the guide: Head Gear: Darkness Helm[1] Pros: Slotted and can purchase/buy from Kafra Shop Cons: Need Evil Wing Ears to get additional bonus. Eleganza Hat Pros: Can purchase from Kafra Shop Once it is activated, it will be non stop.. (depends on the mob on the map) Good Item for Levelling/Farming as Dual Dagger Cons: Removed STR+2 from recent patch and Advanced Adrenaline will depend on the ASPD of the character Snake Headhat [1] Pros: Can purchase from Kafra Shop, Enables Double Attack. Cons: You will be limited to use this headgear and not able to utilize other headgear with better stats. Headgear(Mid): Elven Ears[1] Pros: Good Additional Slotted Headgear Item Cons: Will remove +1 ASPD for those who use Sigrun Wings Evil Wing Ears Pros: Good additional bonus with Darkness Helm Cons: Quite Hard to Find and Create. Headgear Cards: Orc Hero Card Gemini S58 Card Marduk Card Vanberk Card (Good for Dual Dagger) Armor: Tidung[1] Pros: Good MDEF and resistance bonus Cons: Quite expensive - MVP Drop NOTE: I do recommend using Tidung for WoE. For my own perspective as DD, I don't usually go for ASPD(Kandura). I go for Damage and MDEF since Dual Dagger can kill enemy quickly because of the damage bonus since its dual wielding. For Katar users, too much ASPD since you have Infiltrator as an equipment. For me its an overkill with Kandura(ASPD bonus) equipped. Weapon- Katar: Infiltrator[1] Pros: Good Demi-Human damage bonus Level 4 Weapon Cons: Hard to find and to put a slot enhancement. Wild Beast Claw[1] Pros: Easy to find from vendors/seller Level 4 Weapon Good weapon bonus with +9 upgrade Cons: Not recommended to use for PvP/WoE Blood Tears[2] Pros: Slotted [2] Level 4 Weapon Cons: Hard to find from sellers/monster drop. Bloody Roar Pros: Can penetrate the DEF of the enemies. Level 4 Weapon Cons: Not slotted Quite hard to find recently Katar [2] Pros: Easy to refine with Level 3 Weapon Able to overups to +9/10 to boost damage with Enchant Deadly Poison Weap ATK Multiplier. Good with Sidewinder + The Paper Card combo Cheap Cons Low Base ATK compared from the level 4 weapons above. Weapon Card - Katar: Sidewinder Card Good combination with The Paper card if Katar is [2] slot. Enables double attack You can choose any headgear with good bonus stats. The Paper Card If Snakehead hat headgear user. For me I will not recommend this if you want double attack critical. You can utilize using +7 MGAW, Black Shiba Inu Set, Alice Doll to boost your damage. Weapon for Daggers (See link above from the guide that I've created): Card for Right Hand Dagger The Paper Card Mobster Card Scalpel (Example): +10 The Paper 2x, Hydra Card Scalpel[3] - For WoE/PvP +10 The Paper 2x, Mobster Card[3] - For Overall Use [Low Cost] 3x The Paper Card if you're a PvM - Overall use [High Cost] Left Hand Daggers [4] Element, Race, Type, Size Card to boost damage NOT recommended to use CRITICAL cards such as Soldier Skeleton Card. Recommended Garment: Katar - Golden Angel Wings[1] Utilize 90 STR and AGI Stats bonus DD - +5/7 Poring Backpack[1] To utilize 90 LUK stats bonus with +10% Crit Damage (if +5), 15% (if +7) Footgear: Black Leather Boots[1] Pros: Additional AGI bonus. Cons: 10% Chance to put a Slot [1] Accessory: Katar Rouge's Treasure + Bloody Shackle Ball Set Pros: Good Damage boost Cons: Heavy but can still manage because of 90 STR Low HP because no Matyr or HP boots Rouge's Treasure + Ring of Flame Lord Rouge's Treasure + Shiba Inu[1] (if with Black Shiba Inu Set) Daggers Rouge's Treasure 2x Pros: Can equip Matyr Carded Footgear Cons: Accessory Item is locked/limited using both items. Accessory Card: Shiba Inu Set Accessory - Ragged Zombie Card: CRI +5 Consumables: Abrassive (Available in Kafra Shop) Buche Del Noel (Item drop using Snowman Hat Headgear) LUK Foods/Biscuit (Available in Kafra Shop/Daily Logins) If you have any questions/recommendations please feel free to comment/reply below. See below for my Sample Double Attack Critical Damage Test: Thor Volcano Odin's Temple: Nameless Island - Cursed Abbey 02
  2. Hello everyone! First of all I would like to greet all of you a Happy 3rd Ragnarok MSP Anniversary!! We are here again to discuss and for me to share my stats/equipment to give the best of my knowledge about the recent updates/patches that we had from the previous months. If you have read the previous article before - Assassin Cross Double Attack Critical then you will have a quick understanding and knowledge about our discussion for this forum thread. Before we move on, I would like to thank PingBooster(VPN I am currently using) it supports ROmSP. To download/signup PingBooster - Say Goodbye To High Ping NOTE: All the stats/build/equipment are for reference and baseline only. It will depend on the person/player if he/she will copy the stats provided on this thread/topic. Moving on, I'll be posting my stats-build with equipment below for your reference. Dagger Type - GAW Type (90/90 Stats) *For higher tier, you can use any [1] middle headgear for Orc Hero + Alice Doll[1]. For mid Tier, you can use Gemini Card + Valk Armor with decent VIT. VIT: 32+15 = 47 Gemini Card(90 Agility) + Valk Armor = 100+ Resistance from Stun. Katar Type - GAW Type (90/90 Stats) *To Boost Damage, use Bloody Shackle Ball Set and remove Black Leather Boots and The Sign. For ASPD, you can use Thief Figure if Ring Of Flame Lord is not available. I already discussed the usage of sidewinder card and snake head hat (on my own opinion) from the part 1 of my guide (Assassin Cross Double Attack Critical) +9 GAW[1] vs +9 Sappun's Tail[1] When equipped with Sappun's Tail, ASPD is higher compared to +9 GAW (with +7 MGAW) - See image above. Sappun's Tail Cons: There is a slight delay(depends on ASPD) when triple attack is activated. (NOTE: It also interrupts the skills for I am using Ring of Flame Lord.) Pros: Good ASPD bonus when +9 Slotted [1] Reasonable Price Good for Farming/Levelling using Katar Flexible Status (No need to attain 90 stats like GAW) Golden Angel Wing [1] Cons: Need to lock your stats to 90 90 build. Pros: Easy to create a build/stats Good FLAT ASPD +2 bonus when refined to +9 Slotted [1] Alice Doll / Sigrun's Wings vs +9 Wanderer Sakkat Note: With my old Build low VIT using Sigrun's Wings and AD vs +9 Wanderer Sakkat. Night Raven Shawl [1] Cons: Limited for critical build characters (unlike GAW) Need to upgrade to +10 to unlock additional status Same damage like +7 Poring Backpack [1] BUT the stats doesn't require 90 attributes. Pros: You can have flexible stats that you can lessen the LUK and allocate it on the other attribute because of the Additional Critical Rate from the Garment. Slotted [1] Good critical damage and critical rate bonus when in +7 (When you're upgrade is failing) Brynhild: God Item (Not recommended) Pros: Increase Physical/Magical Damage by 10% Increase Max HP by Base Level * 20 Cannot be knocked back Cannot be destroyed during WoE Cons: No Slot You'll get frozen status during WoE Cannot be upgraded Temporary Accessory/Item: *Limited Time only in Celebration of ROMSP 3rd Anniversary I am currently using this accessory and replaced my Ring Of Flame Lord. it gives me additional +2 ASPD bonus. Thanks to ROMSP for the free reset of skill/status. (For more info click here: ROMSP 3rd Anniversary Freebie!) Garment Cards: Green Maiden (I advise to use this for Dagger Type ONLY) Whisper Boss Card (Will depend on your SinX Stats) Raydric or Noxious Card (For WoE survival) For reference: Revo DB Item Search Revo DB Monster Search And lastly, My Current Build: (See video below for the damage testing) Strength 60 Agility 97 Vitality 46 Intelligence 1 Dexterity 1 Luck 63 Thanks again and Happy 3rd Anniversary ROMSP! Cheers and ROK ON!,
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