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  1. Welcome back. Have fun
  2. Mint

    Ragnarok COME BACK

    Hello Rey, you may contact the support team at https://roextreme.com/msp/main regarding that matter. This page is only for queries about the game and is being answered by other players and the moderators. I'm sure they can help you. Enjoy the game. - Mint
  3. Mint

    Midgard Explorer

    Yay ! Likey . How are you ? See you in game
  4. Hi @TUSHY. There are Amatsu NPC's in mid-Prontera, (Prontera City, Capitol of Rune-Midgard: 176,424. You may check the screenshot for the location.
  5. Mint

    Midgard Explorer

    Hi @ClarkVevil . I am good . How are you? I'll try to share some of my shots here
  6. Mint

    Baphomet Quest

    That is actually right. They usually damage Bapho with Paladin's reflect. But is it really possible for a 3 man party to do it? As far as I remember there's an hour time limit once you reach the 2nd floor (boss room)
  7. Mint

    RO Lores

    You think so too? I am curious of what happen to the Biolabs peeps and how Cenia (the cute swordie) end up in Biolabs.
  8. Mint

    RO Lores

    Can we have a section for Ragnarok Stories / Lores?
  9. Mint

    Baphomet Quest

    Sharing our Sealed Shrine Quest Photo
  10. Mint

    Midgard Explorer

    Ohaayo @Lion That's Mt. Mjolnir, map on the south of Al de Baran Town, (mjolnir_12): 143,185. The place is a bit bleak so you need to find a perfect spot to get a nice photo. Are you going to take pictures too? I'd love to see them PS: Watch out for angry Mantis. They love to photobomb. I had a hard time getting rid of them since my character is a priest.
  11. Mint

    Midgard Explorer

    Thank you @InfiniteSadness Ro got lots of cool places right? Im planning to explore the Moscovia Dungeon soon. You can save you pics on a hard drive, just incase it happens again.
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