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  2. Very hard to play now after the weekend. Using Sky Fiber in the Philippines. No other issues with other games. There are times when I can't even move unless I use a free VPN. The servers are only fine at around 1-6 am.
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  4. Every new character starts with a few days of VIP. Get 5 merc scrolls from the VIP NPC and use the teleport service to go to Payon. Have your merc kill sohees with you. Right click the merc, view it and move the skills provoke and weapon speed up to your hot bars. Target the monsters with provoke, wait for the merc to damage it then attack the monster too. If Sohees are too rough you can do hodes too. After you get some levels the mercs are tough enough to tank Alligators east of Comodo. Once you get used to it you can probably get to job 50 in one sitting and then some. The VIP NPC also gives you a lot of EXP per day, but only use it after you use up your merc scrolls. You cannot gain more than 1 level that way so excess exp at low levels is wasted. Players earn money by farming loots like Stick Webfoot (used in Eden to get EXP) which players buy for like 700-800z. Roda frogs are easy to farm for any level, but it is boring. You can still earn millions with just a low level thief and steal.
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