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  1. After the Nameless island and Sessrumnir updates will farming this zones be possible for MVP wps, cards drop without sounding arrogant , the drop rates are .01 % and rising sort of a simple misunderstanding. GUN , Beelzebub, and other MVPs are really tough to drop, that cards are just arrogance if i may put up in essence players will be misjudged honestly speaking i prefer this over that. Well a piece of advice if i do kill an MVP and get the card drop just don't give up and call me the fool i only wanna win some ok.
  2. the Night Sieger was tougher than it looks, but it was worth it. ET runs are now farming zones for new players. For MSP Players the advanced server is looking forward to the next update. mobizen_20201212_190505.mp4
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