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  1. Hello Guys!! Hey I just read the new update for the DA Crit and I can't help but to wonder, what would be the best weapon and build for DA Crit type for sole purpose of PVP and WOE? My choices are +7BonedInfil or +4 IP but not sure what would be most effective and stat build if I ever start making one. And advise would be highly appreciated TIA and Happy Holliday!!!
  2. Hello Guys!!! Any suggestion for the best weapon for Crit type SsinX? I'm thingking between Boned infil or Drill Katar with mobster card. Any thought? TIA!!!
  3. Hi Guys, hope you can help me out here, I have a Ninja (new) and wondering what will be the best weapon for a KS type Ninja. now the weapons that will not be mentioned means I already tried them PS (looking for weapon that is good for high def jobs like LK) 1. Ice pick 2. Combat Knife So far the most damaging one that I've tried is 3ple AS card Any suggestion?
  4. Sumgyupsal is life with homies!
  5. Well first off, there's no such thing as bolt cards. 2nd you what I'm actually thinking off is an event and I just pitched in the word headgear, it can also be a skill quest etch whatever, also it won't be biased for SinX bolter I mean if that's the case then isn't Zaha doll hat is basically and other headgears with enabled skill-biased for other jobs as well? why go the trouble of implementing it? Oh yeah right I just copied what you said should we ask ROPH to remove those headgears as well as it's biased? to other jobs?
  6. I agree with Spidey on this one, if we will use the logic of "If you can cast increase agility and blessing to your character. There's no need for party or slave priest. The downside is that there will be no interaction to other player´╗┐s. To know each other, gain friends and to have fun." then why does ROPH even bother making/implementing zaha doll hat that allows magnificat skill or peco hair band that doesn't just increase your ASP but also gives you increased movement speed like the skill increase agi or wind walk? we still have tons of players that are still hooked and enjoying ROPH while using items that I mentioned
  7. Adding new headgears with 1st job skills like bolts, increase agi or bless YEYor NEY? PS - We already have headgears with active/enabled skills like Zaha doll hat snake head hat etch.
  8. Totally agree, they should have some sort of record that requires identification ID and some screenshot of their main account.
  9. Well, it depends on the scroll I guess, since it will be a random scroll let's say for example Blue fairy scroll or Red Rising scroll, something like that
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