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  1. https://stat.prtwiki.in.th/ Good luck!
  2. Halo, I would like to ask u guys about revo ninja, which build deal the most dam, tks!
  3. Ranger

    Blitz Hunter, Sniper

    Since we had Ring of Flame Lord set and lower gear frenzy falcon . Well u can consider a 90 agi, 44 int, 99 luck base, no dex!
  4. Reborn, all job 2-1 2-2 quest skills can be done automatically
  5. Ranger

    Trapper Hunter

    90 dex 90 int rest vit or 99 dex 99 int. Make sure total dex + int (gears, buff) = 245 1 hit KO ano.
  6. Hello! I am Ranger. Lets head to FAS Sniper it s really hard to find a decend build for FAS sniper in the internet. U can find lots of OP (Over Powerful) build for Renewal Sniper with different stats, god items, + 15 Elden bow, Arthemis Bow , dealing astonishing dams, which means, I gotta go back to the earth! Lets analyse the FAS sniper build in 99porings.com: https://99porings.com/revo-classic/transcendent/sniper I appreciate those who contributes those guides for revo ragnarok players, but I think their FAS build got some issues: 1. Their FAS build lacks INT, u need to bring tons of blue pots to cover. Lacking INT means u cant spam skills (since FAS requires Falcon Eyes to be striggered frequently) 2. Dam Traps, one of the MVP best slayers, now invalid >>>> INT is the root of all our FAS troubles! To avoid 99porings disadvantage, a decend no blue pots "PURE" FAS build is freaking costly, in order to build 90 dex 90 luck, rest int, I think we need at least: 1. + 7 + 10 Falken Blitz ( Memory of Thanatos + The paper ), now all Vall sever only 322 GUILD owns it (Even +7 Double Slicing Faken is our possible dream, but not that good, Low tier MVP like Haiti cries, but high def mob sees u as a joker) 2. Arch angeling card, or pharaoh card, any boss card reduces sp consumption/sp recovery boost etc 3. Variant shoes for 20 % sp pool etc/Dark knight card set Pros: Highest burst dam of all sniper, hightest crit rate Can MVP (Some Boss) WoE best supporting attack Cons : No flee Lower HP compare to trapper Rely heavily on the bow and blue pots Luxury gears! PURE FAS Sniper is for bosses, not for "normal" players, thats a dreamful build~~. Besides, they r nothing without a MUST BOW! BOW DOOMS THEY DOOM! SNIPER SKILLs ARE ABOUT CRIT RATE BOOST, STAT BOOST, WALKING SPEED, SO WHY DONT U MAKE A TRAPPER FAS SNIPER (TRAPPER-BASED FAS SNIPER)? Pros: A trapper-based FAS Sniper inherits all sniper skills protential (For Blitzer Sniper, we waste dam boost, for DS, FAS, Trapper Sniper we waste Crit boost) A Trapper killer now can use a deadly bow to kick some asses 1200 sp pool, no more sp suffer (Zaha rocks) High Dex increase both traps, bow dam Traps for MVP, bow for FAS those slaves, bully low tier Boss Practical! Easy to build! Cheaper gears! Cons: No flee Much lower HP compare to Pure trapper ALL SELF BUFF ACTIVATED AS BELOW
  7. Yeah thanks bro, to do so we have to sacrifice dex or int, which is hard to balance, i can make it 10k ~ 12k hp. Still, something is uncomfortable here be cause i want 99 dex to be reserved, 63 base int and rest vit, 9k HP only, should I go for that 9k?
  8. Hello, Let's continue the journey with Minstrel (Clown) Arrow Vulcan Build, straight up! This s a MVP Clown (Still can support), not WOE/MVP Pure Supporter. PROS: - A strong char with tons of aggressive skills, supporting skills ( Marionette Control... ) - Bragi, Arrow Vulcan, Tarot of Fate... Awesome! - WOE trouble maker (if) - Unlike Hunter, Sniper, Minstrel can use shield & instrument at the same time CONS: - Hard to solo at Insane map, need partners - Casting skill can be interrupted (Even Arrow Vulcan), Arrow Vulcan long casting time (Deducted by dex), Long after-cast delay (Unbarring Octave etc). - Long-ranged Dam specific issues (Pneuma, Block, Noxius card etc) - Limited choice of build Stats: STR: No! You wanna hit mobs on their face with a guitar? You are not a bard anymore! AGI: No! Grab a beserk guitar then Rock & Roll? But I suggest u leave it be. INT: Yes! 6x ~ 9x, Arrow Vulcan consumes 30 sp per cast, good sp pool is definately required. Besides, you dont wanna be related to silence status. DEX: Needless to say, its ur priority stat. MAX IT! For the glory of Output Dam, Annoying Casting time deduction & Bragi. VIT: Yes, no matter which part u are heading to, get it 5x~ min LUCK: No! We are not FAS Sniper. Final Destination & Future Gears (Lv99 Job 70): Recommendation Weapon: Slotted +7 Oritental Lute [2] is our strongest instrument so far, u can loot from Evyl Nymph, Socket it... A longgggg way to go! Go for +7 +8 Harp [2] is an temporary option. Skill: Max Music Lessons, Vulcan Arrow, Tarot of Fate, Bragi, Song of Lutie, Quest Skill, others (Resemble Skills etc) is depending! My current situation (The Lute is a gift, added Ske Worker already, sob) NOTE: AGI wont reduce ur casting time or animation Despite of cool Arrow Vulcan animation, mobs still aprroached you already. One hit long 9 atk animation, dont expect u can strigger some auto casting cards. Lol Dont rely on the success rate of Unbarring & Tarot card unless u r at safe place, or having mobs immobilized/Freeze Minstrel's life lies heavily on supporter hand Inspired by Thanks!
  9. First, I tried Fever + Last stand together with +8 Galting Kingbird. Then compared to Pistol. for DPS, Pistol was far better. This is lazy click build pistol, 50% double dam, I have no reason to stick with crit card. No WOE, either. Second, These would be flaws if I had posted anything like "Add str for ranged dam" etc. And I don't quite follow you. U can't judge what u don't like is an error, this is ur issue. Anyone is free to create what they want, and if it conflicts the game logical mechanic, that's their own risk and u r welcome to show it. Third. U may notice Leon rep, very humble and full of details. U r not the only one who have played this old school game since 2008 Thank you!
  10. Okay. How about how good it s against Anubis. Medusa. Ano etc. This is agi type, not rich kid type, a pure farmer like Blitz Hunter. Potions run out and u r nothing but a lousy puppet, reminds me of DS hunter. Dosera card is for rifle build, which is funny too. Enjoy the game and ur char. If anyone all follows the trend, then nothing special. Check the web, there r few kinds of gunslingers. Basically, Agi, Desperado and Full Blast. I am now playing Arrow Vulcan Clown and Esma Soulinker. Then I should expect ur advices like "Delete that char, make a support Clown/Soul linker"?
  11. Sounds like u have never played agi type before. I tested a lousy +8 mechine gun and it is way worse than dual pistol. Test it and good luck with ur potions pro:)
  12. Nice guide, very detail. But those who can afford the gears often go Pront 8 clock ryt.
  13. Hello guys, I am Ranger. Lets talk about Blitz Hunter, Sniper! If u find this post “conflicts”/ wanna discuss, share ur ideas, Lets go! First, U can find the difference between Revo Rag and Other version stats here: https://roclassic-guide.com/how-to-build-stats-by-yourself/ “VIT, AGI, and LUK skills are boosted. While STR,DEX, and INT, were nerfed… A LOT.” Stat analysis for Blitz Hunter, Sniper: Str: No, u have gym to make it up, unless u wanna play Beast Strafe and marry a Soul Linker! Agi: Without a doubt this is the most important stat, Low agi = Low Falcon fly, cant dodge anything. Max it or get at least 90 (Maximum it is recommanded) Int: Here we go, the third important stat! Every 2 int = 10 falcon dam. (Max Steel Crow plz) Dex: Trapper, DS hunter main stat, but here, every 10 dex = 10 falcon dam (Pretty low compared to int) Luck: The secondary important stat, adds crit chance, resistance to abnormal status, physical dam, magical dam… and Dawn of Falcon! Min = 70 luck (Skill, Gears). Every 1 Luck = 0.3% Crit and Falcon Fly PROS: Cool. Fast and furious. Classical Farming Style, Auto cast and stuffs CONS: No burst dam Vulnerable to ghost property, because Auto Blitz/Blitz Beat is neutral attack, no matter what! Take times to eredicate something, enjoy it! Note: (My opinion) 1. Max agi, go big or go home! 2. Most pp say leave Luck be at 60. Okay, 60 is minimum, 70-90 is recommanded, 90~120 or above is optimal! Why? Because I “hate” 183 atsp and “the hot trend” 60 luck. In real kombat, 60 luck does quite strigger the falcon fly, but its not a decend number. The real decent number is 70-80 luck, u can see the falcon fly frequency rises more. 90 Luck? Hell Yeah, WAR BLITZ! I have tested 70 dex 60 luck hunter vs 30 dex 80 luck hunter, the result u guys can guess. I don’t like hybrid! 1 luck = 0.3%, 3 luck = 0.9%. 90 luck is a perfect number, the multiply of 0.3! 3. Dex and int fomular works exactly as posted up there. 9 dex or 1 int = No falcon dam (Sorry). Aim 3x dex, the rest is int ‘till u gain 1k Blitz Beat, up more int for more Blitz Beat (Maximum 12xx, not worthy). So 1k is recommanded! 4. PP say if u miss, the Falcon wont be striggered. Result is quite contrary, it striggers even if u miss the target. As long as ur atsp is high enou (185 min, 186~190 recommanded), Auto Blitz depends on ur atsp, not ur hit! 5. In Revo ragnarok, for dealing dam, a high refined high dam weapon is better than 3,4 slotted weapon. Pick +10 Quad curse or +7+8 Gakkung [2], ur call! An Archer Ske is da bezt card, it not only boosts ur weapon dam, also boosts dex dam (Demi human card etc adds weapon dam only). its... unwise to put a silly card on ur precious bow but Archer Skeleton! (if u got boss card, unharm to try it) Reference https://99porings.com/revo-classic/guides/secondjob/hunter/hunter https://youtu.be/-SFleMFyhdE
  14. Ranger

    3rd Job

    Yeah, I wanna bring more bullets... Rebel!
  15. Nice vid Leon, very pro:D U r desperado type, which is classical, Desperado is life, which required 99 dex high vit and int. U often got surrounded so Agi is optional, for spamming Flin Coin only. I could try but still can tank like u, aha! Waste more pots than u!
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