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  1. Question to any one who knows how attack speed penalty works. Here is the scenario>>>>> Stalker Level 90 STR>0 AGI>75 DEX> 90 Equiptments>>>>> Top mid bottom > meta beta items Weapon Eden dagger +5% Aspd Armor > pantie and undies (rouge) +5 Agi + 3 Agi (Bapho jr card) Upg Boots> carded with +1 Agi Upg Clip (yoyo) Agi +1 / Bison Agi +2 (+3 dex zerom) Shiled ( thorny with +10% aspd) with this set up I only end up having 185 Aspd (with awake potion Bless + agi scroll) can any one help me if this is correct? I doubt that it is correct even if there is a penalty of 5 when equipping the thorny buck. Hope some one could correct me or some one help me to know why is it like this. Thanks. NOTE: I have asked this on 2 CS agents of ragna but none of those 2 had the answers.
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