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  1. oh yeah, I did the basic math. you're correct. total atk (100 example) x 1.6 x 1.6 = 256 x 1.6 (1.4 from normal + .2 from 1x paper) = 409.6 against the my given example 100 x 1.4 x 1.4 = 196 x 2 (1.4 + .6 3x paper) = 392 Thank you, you've been a great help edit: added the calculation XD assuming this is correct RaceMultiplier, SizeMultiplier, TargetPropertyMultiplier, MonsterMultiplier, ATKMultiplier and PropertyMultiplier are applied to this in that particular order. (from iro wiki) crit = 40% more damage (on revo classic)
  2. Hmm... I think you misunderstood my concern on that part since I'm referring to the right hand weapon which is Scalpel (where I plan to compound 3x The Paper), not left hand (racial+size). My main concern is the SP lost and not the damage modifier since you've explained it in your guide. Other suggested card combo for the main hand are these. Card for Right Hand Dagger The Paper Card Mobster Card Scalpel (Example): +10 The Paper 2x, Hydra Card Scalpel[3] - For WoE/PvP +10 The Paper 2x, Mobster Card[3] - For Overall Use [Low Cost] 3x The Paper Card if you're a PvM - Overall use [High Cost] i'm mostly PvM so i'm planning to go 3x The Paper, given that the cost of Mobster card is x3 of 1 Paper Card. Left hand will be adjusted depending on which map I plan to grind/farm. I see, I use the calculator because that's the only resource I have XD
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    yes, hopefully there will be events in this forum to make it active (visited by players at the least)
  4. I checked on the calculator (the one from the homepage) and 90 STR has a better damage output than 90 LUK using both PBP, but PBP outdamages GAW by a lot with the 90 LUK build. I left some of the equipment blank, I could have missed items that might boost the 90 LUK's damage, please correct me if i'm wrong or the calculator from the website isn't correct(?/wrong modifiers etc).
  5. for DD, this doesn't apply therefore we should aim at least 90 Crit? that's why the suggested build for DD is Agi-Luk 90-90, is that correct? I've checked the calculator (the one in PRT WIKI) basic Scalpel (3 the paper) + MG (2 hydra, 2 sw), +7 PBP, 2 RT and with Buche de Noel + Abrasive = 93 Crit, without the Abrasive and Buche de Noel, 56, DD for levelling is a big no-no? due to the chance of landing critical hit unlike when wielding a Katar where it is doubled. Katar = PVM, DD = PVP? I tried switching the stats as well, STR-AGI 90-90 and it has 2664 ~ 2944 damage to player. Compared with AGI-LUK's 2296 ~ 2594. The only problem is STR-AGI will have 76 Crit based on the items and foods above. Also, very noob question, I've seen people sell Mobster cards higher than The Paper, is it because of the -1 sp/attack, 3 paper, -3SP/attack? another one, if you don't have any SP left, you won't be able to attack if weapon is compounded with The Paper card?
  6. Hi sir do you have a budget build guide (not end game equipment if possible)? cos looking at the cost of each item, it might take years to get that for solo players like me or better not do a DA Crit if you don't have the resources?
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