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  1. Hi Bro, I hope you'd notice this message may question lang sana ako. I'm impressed sa damage output ng sinx mo and honestly, ikaw ay isa sa influence ko when it comes to sinx, kaso medyo frustrated ako sa dmg output ng sinx ko though I have mid-tier equips like +9 scal (2paper 1mob), +10 pvp MG, i also have +9 ip, +9 GM NRS, bsb set, rt. Tapos basic lang yung headgear ko, pphb, sigrun tapos p. dagger. Any suggestion to boost dmg? Btw my stat is 30 str 90 agi 79 vit and 58 luk (not yet level 99) thanks!
  2. Hi Tushy, I've been reading your topics regarding dd sinx and I'm inspired with your guides! I just have a question though since I returned 2 months and do not have idea how to have this item. I am looking for filir hat for leveling purposes however I could not find seller of this item.
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