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  1. If you're still playing, you'd probably want to take a look around near the southern gate Kafra of Prontera. There are auto-buy merchants there looking for loots. Sometimes they'd be buying ordinary loots for prices way above what you'd get from NPCs. Sell them in bulk and voila, lots of cash
  2. Rogues are nice since they have the autosteal skill. but for farming I think you'd do well using AoE skills on low-hp mobs with moderate value loots. back in the day this meant Zenorcs/Orc skellies in Orc Village... or eventually in Clock Tower High Orcs, Arclice etc.
  3. Drillers are the best source, but since we can't access it for now as you say then Wraiths, Skeleton Prisoners and Zombie Prisoners are your next best bets (6.5% drop rate for the first, and 6% each for the latter two monsters).
  4. have you tried geographers? also, what kind of ninja are you making?
  5. Greetings everyone, I am an old player of both this server and the original Philippine Ragnarok server (started playing back in 2003! first in Chaos, then in Fenrir, Sarah and finally in Valkyrie). My siblings and I quit playing 2 years ago because of the unplayable lag and also because of work; but man I was so surprised to check in 2 days ago to see the server still up and running! It's far better now than what it was (no more lag, no more DDOS attacks, and the population is just right), so I am looking forward to meeting you all in game and catching up on leveling! Also, just checking if any of my old friends are playing here too.
  6. it becomes a grind from here on out, which is normal. back when I was making ninjas, I used to level in Rachel city's outskirts (Droseras, Muscipulars, Geographers). you can try leveling in Geographers since Rachel hasn't been added yet I think.
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