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  1. Hi sorry for late reply, not often checking on forum lately. 1st question: Unfortunately no, it will not. the dmg happening will be following the equipment you are using at that exact moment. 2nd question: No, Spiritual ring only works with either Rosary , Rosary[1] and Clip[1]
  2. Is Aqua benedicta skill of an acolyte a prerequisite skill for aspersio? -Yes Actually if you really need the skill point, u can skip magnificat, just use the Zaha Doll from cash shop instead.
  3. we must first max Magnus lvl10 first, because it is the only offensive skill we have. Meditation is optional, depends on whether you wan the extra heal bonus and sp regen. or you prefer to put the point at other skills such as Turn Undead
  4. omg sorry took so long to come back and check the replies xD i ll put 20 point at VIT and then all the way max INT and Dex simultaneously until both 90 at the same time at least thats what i did last time
  5. Priest class always have the impression of a support character, stay behind the line , and give buff and resurrect party member in the most dangerous situation. But what people forgot, is that Priest is also the ultimate demons undead killer in the game. I remember some folks in the game once told me, "You can never go out to the field alone and solo in the wild, because you are too weak and cant handle yourself" They laugh at me cannot lvling up all by myself. I said NO, at least not for us ME build Priests, we can even solo slaying some demon undead MVP (video at the bottom of the post) I ll just straight get to the point, here is my build (note: this is a pure PVM build, im not really a WOE person) Demon Slayer High Priest STAT VIT. As a ME High Priest, we are going to do a lot of tanking by ourself(forever alone), VIT is needed to boots MHP as well as DEF. Plus the higher the VIT the more effective ANGELUS going to be. INT. The source of our MATK and CAST TIME REDUCTION. Every 1 INT point adds 1% MAX SP, 1% SP recovery item effectiveness, 1.5 MATK and 1 MDEF DEX. Since our main skill MAGNUS EXORCISMUS has a freaking 15s cast time, DEX is very important in terms of cast time reduction. Every 5 DEX point is going to add 1MATK and 1MDEF SKILL BUILD Acolyte skills Divine Protection and Angelus is the main skills to do the tanking High Priest skills You have to decide on your play style to tweak with the High Priest skill build, some people prefer has their Safety Wall up to lv10, but since ME Priest do tanking alone most of the time, so Safety wall would be useless because it can be tear down so quickly after you cast it. So i decided to go with Kyrie Eleison/Assumptio while lvling, especially Assumptio ( double ur hard def and magic def) You may notice there are no Magnificat skill, i suggest you to get a Zaha Doll for the skill, because skill points not enough (just like the my money in my wallet...) Turn Undead is optional. Whether you want to sacrifice Medidation skill to max Turn Undead, but since Magnus Exorcismus is alr a powerful AOE skill, i find it not necessary to max out TU. Casting Technique Some of you may already know this but some may not. Since ME has an incredible long casting time, one of the way to reduce the cast time is to switch between Phen/Zerom carded accessories, First keep a distance from the herd of monster, equip Zerom carded accessory, cast ME, then quickly change it to Phen carded accessory. With this, the cast time calculation will be following under the Zerom stat and avoid the Phen card 25% cast time penalty. set your shortcut key for switching, you may need some practice. Equipments Headgear Cards for headgear: Kathryne Keyron Card (reduce cast time) Carat Card (sp pool and +int) Isilla Card (some recommend it but I dont find it useful, proc rate is too low) Incubus Card (sp pool) Kiel Card ( I know is expensive as hell but ME has 4s cast delay, and if you are richhhhhh) Vesper Card ( solo MVP!!!!!) Permeter Card ( do not use this card if you wearing Bathory armor, it is meaningless, it reduce Shadow element atk, does not reduce Shadow element monster dmg) Armor Cards for armor: Bathory Card ( most of the demon monster has Shadow element magic attack, Bathory card basically negate the dmg to 0, you will be using this card for 80% of the time) Succubus Card ( more hp pool wont hurt) Rybio Card ( make use of high DEX , 9% chance to stun the monster while you are casting) Banshee Master Card ( +10 matk) Garment Cards for garments: Raydric Card Nox Card Shoes Cards for shoes: AmonRa Card ( if you decided to go hardcore 99 int, and again, if you are richhhhhhh, well) DL Card (nothing need to be said) Verit Card Green Ferus Card Matyr Card Weapons Cards for weapon: Fabre Card (+ vit and hp) Hell Apocalypse Card ( +10% matk to demons) Necromancer Card (ignore monster 2% mdef) Shield Cards for shield: Khalitzberg Card (demon reduction) Teddy Bear Card (undead reduction) Accessories Cards for acc: Zerom Card Phen Card Spore Card Lvling spot Geffen Dungeon 3rd floor Ayothaya Dungeon 2nd floor Rachel Sanctuary 3rd floor Britoniah Guild Dungeon Nameless Island Geffenia Niflheim This is my first time building a ME type priest Alright thats pretty much all i can write right now, dont hesitate to ask me any ME build related questions so we can discuss and learn together. Now I ll be sharing some video of me lvling in Nameless island Abbey02 map, now who says Priest cant solo?! Lets see some Magnus cast in action! following by a ME priest solo MVP video You may even try solo Doppelganger if you have the luck and the time
  6. Lion

    RO Lores

    You can watch the biolab story here, its a very sad story
  7. Lion


    you will have around 3mins to edit ur post after u posting it, after that you will not be able to edit or delete ur post xD
  8. sure u can solo MVP with gunslinger, you just have to pick the right MVP. I solo Eddga, Osiris, Pharoah, Pheeroni and Garm wit gunslinger. you just hav to get the right equipment and willing to spam some pots xD
  9. Lion

    3rd Job

    Well since the forum is so empty now, just wanna put up some question for discussion Will 3rd job ever release in RO MSP? I heard 3rd job will only destroy the game balance but well, ArcBishop looks cool!
  10. LOL after two years since mysg, finally decide to open the forum?
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