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  1. What are the available headgear quest that is available (YET ACHIEVABLE) here that doesn't involve buying things like (Magic Silk) in the cash shop ? Shall we make a list here??
  2. I'm a Malaysian playing. Yes, there's no problem to play in Malaysia.Probably re-download/install the game again ?
  3. Hello! Wanna play together? Thinking of building an assassin too!
  4. how to obtain a peco peco hairband in Yggdrasil server ?
  5. Please also check Lutie dungeon level 2 where Myst Case and Cruiser are held. There are quite a number of bots there. As a farming spot, its best to ban bots player as they are taking over the map and left non-bot players struggled to farm. in advance, I appreciate your updates in the naughty ban list, but still there are still bots roaming around, I hope we (players) can also be vigilant as well. Thanks
  6. Go warp yourself to Eden with the NPC (Eden Warper), once youre in the room, head to the entrance at the door at your 12 o'clock, moving along turn left to the next room. you'll see the gunslinger NPC around
  7. Is the event still on-going or would the event be repeated again in the future? It seems like a very good headgear and I think newbie players like me would be able to apply it for character development.
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