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  1. Copy the YouTube link with "www" Edit: wait I didn't do that and it worked, wuttt?? x3
  2. I did. Even went for regedit and deleted Gravity under Software.. :S
  3. I think that's what I gotta do @Eristoff...sigh I copied the folder and it didn't solve the problem xS Solrite, I'll settle for casual play atm. Actually Casual everyday except on off day where I will play more than 4hours.. That's a plan thats for now ("3-w-3")
  4. Kaaaaa!! meeeee!! haaaaa!! meeee!! haaalllooooo!!
  5. ClarkVevil


    Hi! Haha I can imagine your party is manner when making that "Jackooooooo" shout xD My real life nickname is Jack. Because my second part of my name is Zack. But, yeah, Clark here
  6. ClarkVevil


    Copy that, glad to be of acquaintance
  7. @Eristoff Yea I chuckled too x3
  8. @Eristoff I will try that on my notebook again. An update: I tried installing and running the game on different computer in town, and I could log in! So there's something wrong with my notebook..not ROMSP's fault or error haha. Imma try copying and using the installed folder here at my notebook
  9. This is a terrific idea, and I second Eristoff's suggestion
  10. Misleading title, was ready to chime "hey this is not League of Legends" but yeah after two years, I think they needed to observe the situation of the FB Group first haha, better late than never! And good domain catch, this sure will attract more players to our server :)
  11. @Eristoff Hi Eristoff, I have, few times. I remember encountering this issue when playing WarpPortal's iRO and managed to solve it. I tried looking for the solution I found back then but couldnt find it :S I'm going to try on different computer and see if it works and if it works, see if copying the installed folder from said computer to my notebook at home would solve it @TUSHY Thanks :)
  12. What Do I Know? - Ed Sheeran https://youtu.be/6B9J3lEyffA
  13. Hi, I'm Clark Vevil, and I have a huge admiration on this wonderworld known as Ragnarok Online. Although I'm not pro or well versed (yet) in this game, Ragnarok Online has been a huge inspiration on a 2D RPG series project of mine I'm working on which I, for now, named as Flaring Stars. Currently I'm not able to play as I kept getting the 0x00007b but if it means I can't play at home and can only play on lunch break during my daytime work in town, then so be it, but I'm sure I can play it again at home someday. I'm looking to play as Ninja hehe. I'm from Malaysia btw. And I'm trying to learn Mandarin, haha. And Japanese and Korean too. Welp, guess that's it for now. Ya, sure, much later I will post and share a bit, routinely, about my RPG project here. Thanks for reading, let's get acquainted shall we. Have a good day! ;)
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