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  1. Stings at Byalan Dungeon???? No Hunter Fly in Geffen Dungeon???? etc. This game is SOOOO MODIFIED, this feels like the MOST PRIVATE SERVER EXPERIENCE I've had in my life! Can't depend on Classic, Pre-Renewal web databases for monster hunts because the game is so F***ed up by the management that it doesn't EVEN FEEL LIKE THE ORIGINAL RO LIKE HOW THEY CLAIM IT TO BE, MONSTERS ARE LIKE RANDOMLY SPAWNING OR NOT AT MAPS YOU DON'T EXPECT THEM TO BE! If you're gonna f*** up the game so badly atleast make your own web database for players to rely to! WHAT A TERRIBLE GAME EXPERIENCE! AND I HAVE TO LIKE SPEND AROUND 20USD JUST TO RESET MY STATS!? F*** THAT! I BOUGHT FINAL FANTASY XIV ONLINE COMPLETE EDITION FOR $35 AND THIS GAME'S GONNA SUCK OUT ITS PLAYERS $20 FOR STAT RESET!? THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE! ( AND I MEAN "THIS GAME", NOT THE ORIGINAL RO NOR IN GENERAL)
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