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  1. never mind i may not even get 1 Black Shiba Hat, it may take me too long to buy one Clean Black Shiba Hat and i dont know the price,will someone tell me?
  2. B>Black Shiba Scroll 2.5M need 4 pcs for this week PM or whisper Taga-Benta awake 12 midnight to 11am will buy 4 pcs every week
  3. i mean this game Ragnarok extreme MSP goodbye Forum
  4. u hope it can be fixed for other job or other UPG for Ninja's and etc. im logging of my forums forever now... and play Ragnarok extreme i dont wanna talk too much now a days
  5. ive gone to talk to Game Staff i think with Ivar i bought a +4 UPG coat HP effect has no effect on My Thief,i think its only working on Mages the HP up ,so i sold it and bought an effective +4 UPG for my Assassin HP up every upgrade works and i think UPG Muffler Manteau hood only works if you are already equipped with UPG Armor buy Armor 1st
  6. for sale at Valhalla 18M +4 UPG muff and boots and 18M +9 3x bloody Jur 6M Stun Proof Deviling Hat and can i ask how much is Black shiba inu hat[1] clean?
  7. ATK +10 for Headgear Not for SALE i hope Scroll of Black Shiba Inu Hat comes Back
  8. oh its too much,luckyly i got a a Costume Love feeling its nice on my fire muffler its like a Love aura like a flame
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