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  1. there's no reason not to go with sidewinder nowadays since critical hits can double atk now
  2. Is it allowed to use here?, if yes, can anyone link me a working tracker/viewer, the one from iRO by fuzzy isn't working
  3. ohh i didnt know that i thought it was considered physical atk too, thank you
  4. Imo, sa meta ngayon sir mas ok na yung double atk katar pero if you have high budget for carding multiple daggers, then go for dual wielding.
  5. Is it intended to not work on Bows ?, I tried using bow on rogue but it doesn't proc, Idk if its intended or not but, the skill description said its supposed to auto steal while attacking, technically ur still attacking even when using a bow?, so Is it possible to make it work when using bow?
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