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  1. Thru quest. Can only be done once per character, it is random on what item you would get
  2. Report to customer support
  3. The server do have VIP system which provides regular buffs + food buffs + exp and drop buffs also dungeon warpers for the cost of zeny. There are no endow service from NPC. p.s. You need to purchase vip cards from rok points to avail the VIP system.
  4. Are you going to sell rok items for zeny?
  5. 1. Valhalla opened around mid to late 2018 and Yggdrasil opened late last year. 2. We can’t really tell on the population of the server since they combined the population count on the launcher. 3. For now Yggdrasil server is up to 2-2 class, hoping that they would include trans job in the future. 4. Yes, Valhalla server is up to trans job. 5. As I see now Yggdrasil server has more active players.
  6. Try to contact customer support for further assistance.
  7. For now it can only be obtained from events
  8. Eristoff


    Welcome and RoK on!
  9. Since you are still low leveled it is better for you to create a new character rather than waiting for the reset stats. Reset stats is also not cost efficient.
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