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  1. Uninstall then reinstall the game. If error persist try re download the installer.
  2. The only option here for reporting bots is to report it directly to customer support since this forum is moderated by players as well. We don’t have a proper thread for reporting bots. Where would you suggest we put this kind of reports. Since I don’t have the power to make a folder or a sub thread.
  3. You can try using the VPN list that is provided by players here. It is also a pinned discussion here in the general discussion.
  4. I have talked to customer support and the agent said that the mob steam goblin is not implemented on the server. As for the chance to get it on Old Card Album, it is better for us to explore the game rather than giving us the information. Because it would ruin our gaming experience.
  5. Still waiting for this also
  6. Pinned it also so they can see it faster. By the way would you like this thread to be closed or keep it open?
  7. Have you tried to reset your computer?
  8. account information in-game or here in the forums?
  9. Thanks @Yaddle! It is now resolve, I will close this thread now
  10. Resolved! Thanks @FuzzyRacistPanda! Will close the thread now
  11. Have you tried reinstalling the game?
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