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  1. Since you are still low leveled it is better for you to create a new character rather than waiting for the reset stats. Reset stats is also not cost efficient.
  2. Remember to tick the renewal for equipments.
  3. Yeah it only happens once in a blue moon. If character is still low level just create a new one
  4. You can still use your old ID just redownload the new client and patch. RoK On! :D
  5. It will not be implimented not unless you see an update on thai server which we need a few months before we get that update
  6. Hi Nelter! Welcome back to Midgard. may I know which server are you playing at the moment?
  7. you can contact customer support for further assistance if ID got banned.
  8. sadly stat reset box is just once in a blue moon event
  9. contact customer support for further assistance
  10. Welcome back! Hope you stay for good.
  11. Just try to patch again. Since there may be traffic in the internet connection.
  12. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game?
  13. Try to contact customer support for furthur assistance. @Apox
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