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  1. I think this should be in the General Guides section. What do you think?
  2. yeah. And it’s too time consuming -_-
  3. Isn’t these locations are same with Paradise Team Equipment thread?
  4. Sorry. Didn’t notice it until now. I should get my sleep . Thank you for mentioning it
  5. The only problem is see here is the ‘claim all’ because of the character weight limit.
  6. Move topic to Theif (class specific guide)
  7. Base on my experience it is base on race. Exp cards are racist, kidding aside . Ask about it with customer support but can’t they can’t give a definite answer due to the test server is unavailable as of the moment. We could wait for the answer from the GM or best is to test it out ourself.
  8. Hi BigSmileLee! Welcome to the forums
  9. I may be wrong. But I think it’s normal since you can ride airship anytime. It is just following the route.
  10. Eristoff

    ragnarok emojis

    That would be nice.
  11. So they are really reading threads here on the forums. +1 will lock this read since this is already resolved
  12. Eristoff

    3rd Job

    Lets just see what thai has to offer
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