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  1. Hello Guys I'm CozImHigh I played Ragnarok before i started with a low rate server before but that server died like 10 years ago then i tried to play 3rd job server mid rate then went to a high rate server 255/120. But after awhile i left RO Life. But hey the good news is i'm back again but not for long ;D So maybe you are wondering why my ign is CozImHigh. I got this name from a song. this ign i have its been with me since 2010. People loved it and i hope you do as well. Anyways enough of those =P My main character is Sinx/Assassin Cross 2nd main is Paladin the rest i'm bad ahahaha I guess that's all for now Hope to see you all in game maybe? Hit me up if you want someone to chat with or whatever and i'll response to you asap Thank you
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