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  1. Shoutout to =(^UwU^=rriors)9 Guild
  2. That would give them a better tab on the list of people playing thus making bot hunting better as they would know who bots and cant take an immediate and appropriate action to the player like banning the person not the account (which will be more efficient as it is harder to forge a new identify just for an online gaming account) . But it will be a major breach of privacy for some so I also highly doubt that would be possble. People will likely quit and spread hate propaganda towards the server and discourage other people from playing the game (ex:"dead game" "random banning" "dead server" ). Ignorant masses tend to hate stuff that the masses hate even for no reason at all. It's as if like they dont have an opinion themselves and they just follow what others do.
  3. I highly doubt if would fly because the event would be easily abused. Unless they start requiring identity checks on account registration. But fun idea though. I give it a like.
  4. Jacko

    RGM End Game

    But it is a fan video with a slightly misleading title
  5. Jacko

    RGM End Game

    End Game Guild is RGM. Get the chance to be eith these great people. ROk on. https://www.facebook.com/1015450455298764/posts/1312565452253928/
  6. Lessggoooooo Jackoooo
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