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  1. I have noticed that when skills in your skill slots assigned in your battlemode settings are swapped for some reason. For an example I have been using a Champion and my Asura is on my A button, and then I have switched to a different character on the same account for example a Priest and has the Heal skill on my A button, the moment I switch back to my Champion my Asura has now been replaced by the Heal skill. I wish for this to be taken cared of cause this happens a lot when changing characters and its really annoying. Thanks!
  2. Of course I know this aint for General Discussion thats what the (" ") meant. Dont GMs check the forums? Do you know a Global Mod who can add threads? and..are you all suggesting that all bot cases go directly to chat support?
  3. Such as Bug Abuse/Harassment/Botting etc? If there is one, Im sorry I cant find it. Since I'm here Id like to Report these Players for suspicious activity. Description: They are Priests who uses the Skill Teleport when a nearby player is detected. They're fast but not fast enough. You can also catch them while they buff their own. You cant also whisper to them. My IGN: Chady Date and Time: December 7, around 4:00pm Suspected Botters' IGNs: CastroBern, Hustl3, Andeng, DaniTo, Empoyz Screenshots:
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