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  1. This calculator is gone now, any newer ones?
  2. Biox

    B> +0- INFIL(1)

    Bought it already. Thx
  3. Biox

    B> +0- INFIL(1)

    As stated in topic, I'm looking for +0 Infiltrator (1). Leave your IGN here or message me here. Thanks
  4. Biox

    S>Paper Card

    S>Paper Card for 130mil PM/Rodex me in game ign Fishyz_MY Server: Valhalla
  5. Hi Tushy, Back with a question again, if just say my offhand dagger is assassin dagger, will my attacks be consider shadow or the MH hve use to it then consider shadow?
  6. Another question, how if I follow exactly your stats,the 90 luck build but use a low or mid teir gear. Wonder how it performs? Hmm
  7. Hi Tushy, atm highest damage for sinx is dd build? How about katar build with double crit like in thai server? Which one is better?
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