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  1. "Online gaming friends are real friends when you can eat, drink, talk, laugh and cry together in real life or in game." @ZatsuX @Tobukun @koyamics @Mayonaka @Aicah
  2. Just copy the entire link of the youtube video and paste it here, no need to use any codes. 🎞 Ex: https:// wwww.youtube.com /watch?v= ab1cd2eF3Gh (without spaces of course) ..and it will be automatically embedded. Hope it helps! Can't edit my first post anymore to add it there.
  3. Share a photo of your favorite dish, the last food you ate, or something you're currently craving! FOOD related posts only, please. No spamming. Thanks! ---- I am craving Laksa...~
  4. Hahaha! Better late than never, I guess?
  5. What is your LSS today? Post it here! ----- Ex: "Oh my my my, oh my my my..."
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