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  1. You can just trade your blue gems to red gems through an NPC. A bit pricey though.
  2. Not worth it with magic strings, the clown can get better stats to help you reach no cast.
  3. Yes I agree exp is way too slow especially for trans. I have 3 level 99s already and I must say it wasn't fun.
  4. @Divine great idea, but given that it would make the production unlimited I think it would be fair if the alchemist rankings gets a reset every few months to discourage inactivity from brewers while giving a chance for other brewers to compete in the scene.
  5. Yes, you can buy them for 1500 kafra points for each stone and 3500 for the skill reset. Take note that you may need 10 pieces of the reset stone depending on your level.
  6. 1. yes 100 total vit grants stun immunity, doesn't help with frozen status. 2. Combination works. 3. n/a
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