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  1. Like

    Midgard Explorer

    i think i know you. you're one of the emo-HP back then haha. just kidding. nice screenshots though.
  2. peram c.bbc

    1. TUSHY


      Dapat pala pinahiram kita ng c.minstrel. kaso nabenta ko na last week..

  3. Like


    wala po akong zeny for sale sa post.
  4. Like


    SELLING> pm me for price)ACID-BOMB SET (strictly 1 kafra per order only) (ONLINE) SELLING> zeny (pm me for price) TOP 5 WHITE SLIMS (strictly 1 kafra per order only) (OFFLINE)mystic gaw = 600m or offer PM ME +7 boned infiltrator = 320m or offer PM ME+9 GAW[1] = PM MEmistess card = PM ME mistress asgard bless = PM ME lvl 99 FAS SNIPER W/ LVL 95 LK WOE BUILD (with change name / email)
  5. Like

    ragnarok emojis

    please add ragnarok emojis/smileys!
  6. how to edit your post in buy-sell thread? i can't seem to find edit there.
  7. RGM> 322 legokidd division95+ TRANS ONLYLK HPSNIPER (FAS) HWIZ CLOWN
  8. Like

    B> orleans glove[1]

    B> orleans glove[1] pa comment/pm nalang ng price
  9. tell us something about yourself hahahahahaha
  10. 'Wag mong pansinin ang mga tumitinginSa ating dalawa
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