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  1. consider this resolve. thanks. it will show if lower than 180 ASPD. add so little. depending on %. it could give ASPD1 if its lower thant 184 ASPD to notice showing in stats.
  2. http://maps.roclassic-guide.com/pay_fild11/ https://99porings.com/revo-classic/world-map
  3. my current ASPD is 184 with Awakening Potion. if i add this ASPD intensify what effect would it create since it doesnt reflect on the stats. how would you notice it .
  4. oh i see. how do you know how much it add its effect. do you feel or notice it? thank you for the response
  5. HI. i noticed that when i use this potion it has no effect on my stats and i do not notice any difference on the effect. what does this suppose to do or add. its a blue state info icon that look like Awakening Potion that last for 5/15 (cant remember) minutes.
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