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  1. Comment price and IGN = VALHALLA
  2. No effect on stats but it adds ASPD... it lasts for 15mins
  3. i just deleted the screenshot after reporting to CS but the stupid CS keeps insisting that the skill is working as intended... gave them a screenshots and few links in youtube showing previous gameplays of BS/MS Maximize Power skill active that deals a CONSTANT max damage.... really frustrating to speak with CS, they lack knowledge of this game
  4. Isnt the BS/MS Maximize Power skill buff should make your damage to deal a constant max damage, recently seems to be a random min/max damage instead
  5. i tried the link you gave, is it accurate? 1 str vs 99 str isnt that much of a difference in dmg... sad. For WOE, am planning to try a build with status type brandish spear and use spiral pierce as main DPS... then i can go with low str and max vit then some dex and int.
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