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  1. didnt know poring bag exist in the game. how much is it tho? because you got me curious so i need a price range or atleast a rough estimate
  2. that's your play style. go with whatever you're comfortable with.
  3. since you aint lvl99 yet, i suggest you get str. i wont increase your damage as what you are trying to point out but it will let you carry more stuff. second, as you said, you are aiming as a support braggi so going 99 dex is optional. i suggest you buff your vit instead because having less than 10k hp ATLEAST 10k hp as a trans is just not acceptable. tone down your int a bit to 5x~7x besides, you will only cast AV when alone because most of the time you are using braggi as a HEAVY SUPPORT as you mentioned. specially on WoE and MVPs final words: the point of AV is one hitting the map you are farming w/ or w/o lex and the dmg diff between 90 vs 99 dex is just not comparable to the points being wasted instead of investing in the other stats. but thats just me.
  4. if its just farming rogue and crusaders are way too good for an option. i aint rich too just so you know and i know gunslingers far too well since i played one in my previous server before this thats why im telling you, using gunslingers for farming is just impractical. or as i said, go get desperado. and then go pront maze, farm ygg berries. why so aggressive? is it your first time in the internet? besides, you aint even using gatling fever (which is the requirement to get madness canceller that you just maxed). thats why i suggested you're better off breaking emperiums. this guide of yours are even full of flaws and having criticism is just expected.
  5. but seriously. you took 90+ agi. you're better off breaking emperiums w/ drosera cards instead of showing off "how good agi type GS against poor stalactic golems". (machine gun) otherwise, go delete that one, get 50 agi instead, then spam desperado.
  6. i dont see how zaha doll became biased as all class have sp to spend and an extra regen would be nice. same goes for the peco headgear. not in sp terms tho. question is, do they really need to cast bolts or not? because there's alot of scroll for that which could easily be implemented. agi and bless scrolls as well. in terms of those two headgears, do you really need magni? how about move speed and extra attackspeed? thing is, those two headgears have a universal function that even other jobs use it. i just cant imagine a master smith or a gunslinger casting bolts on a random monster, on a pvp room or in WoE. but.. sure, go on. anyway, i rest my case.
  7. or you could just hunt for bolt cards if u want it that much. you saw that the idea became bias towards magic sinx yeah? that guy also has an argument regarding speeding up leveling as well then you could just purchase FMBs since most likely if this idea gets a greenlight then its more or less the same. its gonna be purchased in the cash shop. why go all the trouble of creating and implementing new items like this? its kinda unorthodox implementing HGs like this because zaha and peco ears are supposed to help you lessen the burden of going solo its just speed and recoveries. if you want bolts that much then as i've said you could just hunt bolt cards OR, play an agi sage. OR GO PLAY AS A SUPER NOVICE IF U WANT BASIC 1ST JOB SKILLS. ITS FUN TOO!
  8. maaaaan i love the idea. with this campaign you could even run as the president of midgard. LMAO but seriously. i wish you all success
  9. when you turn into a knight you could just BB your way to 99. with or without gears you can reach that within a week or two. bylan dungeon deepest level or HO will do just fine or you could just go to comodo and BB medusas as well. or anubis but with bathory card ofc.
  10. on a second thought, this could be a good fix. mwehehehehehe
  11. i like the idea as well but i think bot system should be fixed first. dont want them to have a headstart for this one. thats free 1k coins then on the first day i guarantee you. but thats just my opinion. i also know that many accounts has been banned but ive done botting before as well and if the card doesnt really matter then i could just flood payon cave 1 with them and get 8~15 cards per day per account. too much mobs and ez kills. i did botting before in a diff server with normal rate, x1 x1 x1 so i know that hacking up cards is really easy. I was a fabric supplier before in valkyrie server, ph with around 700+ ED cards. wraith and the other mobs card on the map not yet included.
  12. lessened drop rate. RMS card drop rate is 0.01 now which is 0.02 before. does that mean that the cards drop rate was lessened as well? just a yes or no because CS told me that they cant disclosed certain infos(specific info like how many percentage is this equipment drop rate from certain monster)
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