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  1. It feels like you are the one who going to invite us on your Tushy Sanctuary tho
  2. 3-5m ang EDel Card. baka mag mura pa yan pag compounded sa armor.
  3. Thank you LS was near on its second year from its establishment, lots of stuff are already been made in game or in real life.
  4. Every player doesn't actually, since those things are already self explanatory.
  5. Questing Pilot and Leech Pilot service is somehow illegal in terms of every game terms and conditions because it will going to violate the "account sharing" policy which is also counted as a bannable offense. Leeching service on the other hand may be good as long as they show some Leeching proofs.
  6. It was also good if Comodo Casino will going to function too. But lucky draw was also good.
  7. The door is still open for those who wants to show their light sir.
  8. Welcome to Loki's Sanctuary, an all priest guild made by brave priest from ROPH. Loki’s Sanctuary, first of its kind, is a guild, dedicated in starting and spreading the positivity in all of Rune-Midgard. It all began as a conception of two minds being as one, eager to make a positive difference to the community. Photo taken on first issue of RagnarokPilipinas featuring the founders of Loki's Sanctuary Our intent lies in being a catalyst and to give everyone the opportunity to become a blessing to others the proper way. Loki's Sanctuary's First Turf - Aldebaran Church First Mobile Shrine of Loki's Sanctuary - December 2017 [ROPH Loki's Server] First Mobile Shrine Poster [No pictures on the said shrine] Mobile Shrine Event at Zenhai Marsh Mobile Shrine Event at El Mes Plateau/Nogg Road Entrance Massive Mobile Shrine Event made at Geffenia Dungeon 02 collaborated with Family Computer [FamiCom] Guild - April 2018 Collaboration Event with GeffeniaFarmers [HaciendaGeffenia now] - May 8, 2018 #xithography - LS's official photographer insights - Lutie Siege - December 29, 2018 With our hearts and mind, set up in this direction. We were able to affect the community through positivity, camaraderie and good deeds. We have come so far, yet we have no intentions of stopping any time soon. Kasalang Bayan - Loki's Sanctuary's Mass Wedding Event This MSP Episode, Loki's Sanctuary's Goal was to make bonds with people from different guilds and different race to have a good sharing of thoughts, having fun of them and make fun adventures despite of race/guild conflict. Loki's Sanctuary MSP still continue the legacy leaved by its founders and will continue the vision and mission until the end times. LS™ MSP Official Banner for Attack on Prontera ft. Ruri the Quest Adventurer and Xith [#xithography] Attack on Prontera - September 27, 2019 LS™ Party : Aiding Marmalade's Request [Lost Merchant and Greedy Poring Last Day - September 30, 2019] With these acts we have been blessed more than what a mind can comprehend. Thanks to all the people who have been behind us, supporting us since the very beginning. To know more about how you can help us help everyone else, please send us a message here in our facebook page [https://www.facebook.com/LokisSanctuary/]. Even the slightest expression of appreciation can actually help us keep going! Thank you and God bless!
  9. "Is putting a quotation also valid?"
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