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  1. Wow thanks bossku @TUSHY Is this leveling guide also good for GAW build? That's what I've been doing right now.
  2. Need help for best leveling area for DDsinx: Currently @ level 67, job lv. 29
  3. @Ayet @TUSHY thanks a lot. Yeah I've been thinking about it, it is really best to just go at job lvl50.
  4. Is it advisable or a must to change from high thief to sinx at job lvl40+ rather than making it to job 50? Currently at: lv. 54 Job lv. 42 (still in doubt when if want to change to trans. job ) Any suggestion/s is/are greatly appreciated.
  5. @TUSHY sad to hear it, but real life matters must comes first. I'll be hoping for your "return of the comeback" or maybe someday hehehe.
  6. DDsinx not Dead!! Lodi tushy.com!!! hahaha
  7. Yep they are still the same, all part of the Eden Group, for Eden Quests and Equipments.
  8. @Ruri Blessed me Father Nulita, for I have sinned.
  9. @TUSHY Sadly, I was once a victim of this card confusion. When I was a new player playing my crusader HC type, and start leveling at Anubis. I thought Zombie Prisoner Card is the best alternative rather than Am Mut Card which is very expensive in the early days on RoPH but to my dismay, I can't see that +10% increase. Without knowledge that it must be based on the Race, not by it's property.
  10. Note: This chart is based on ThaiRO which has the same settings (Revo-Classic) with RoMSP. Used of Enriched Oridecons and Eluniums can give a 100% from +1 to +4 ONLY, beyond +4 can only give a higher chance rate than using normal ones. Safety Level is the maximum level of refinement that can be given to equipment with guaranteed success (0% chance of failure). RoMSP server do not have any Safety Level in upgrading. Upgrade Level Armor Level 1 Weapon Level 2 Weapon Level 3 Weapon Level 4 Weapon +1 67% 67% 67% 67% 67% +2 67% 67% 67% 67% 67% +3 67% 67% 67% 67% 67% +4 67% 67% 67% 67% 67% +5 40% 67% 67% 67% 40% +6 27% 67% 67% 40% 27% +7 27% 67% 40% 33% 27% +8 13% 40% 27% 13% 13% +9 13% 27% 13% 13% 13% +10 6% 13% 13% 13% 6% For other info in upgrading system go check: https://roextreme.com/msp/guide/upgrading-system
  11. Thanks for this update on the locations of other eden officers @TUSHY
  12. This is good for new players who consider doing quest when leveling, rather that grinding in maps. Source: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/quest-eden-group Eden Teleporter Locations: Prontera City (123,76) Morroc Ruins [entrance to morroc pyramid] (69,164) Payon Town (176,111) Alberta (125,67) Izlude Town (49,138) and enter inside the INN. Geffen (131,65) Ninja Secret Hideout Inside Prontera Church
  13. Noticed that most of the new players get a really hard time farming zeny to buy NPC equipments. And this quest somewhat not put into attention lately, which is vital when starting from Zero. Hope this might help and put into consideration to all new players out there . Source: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/quest-paradise-team Eden Teleporter Locations: Prontera City (123,76) Morroc Ruins [entrance to morroc pyramid] (69,164) Payon Town (176,111) Alberta (125,67) Izlude Town (49,138) and enter inside the INN. Geffen (131,65)
  14. @BIOLENS Why not try opening a real scroll together with your simulation, maybe It can give good luck
  15. If you wan't to try or push your luck in RNG's in-game, why not simulate it first?!! Note: This only gives you the "Idea" before you actually do it. Source: https://ragnarok.saviloweb.com/ This website offers the ff. simulation: Scroll Simulator (Outdated as of now) - Gives you an idea on how many scrolls of you need to open to receive Costumes and Rare Items In-game. Forging Simulator Refinement Simulator - Gives you an idea on upgrading weapons and armors. Upgrade Items Creation Simulator Socket Enchantment Simulator - Gives you an idea in slotting your weapons and armors.
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