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  1. Valhalla Server B> Bloodied Shackle Ball 130m B> edp 9k each (bulk) pm me here or in game Happiny_LO_PH
  2. You should be facing the enemy when using counter attack for it to work. In your screenshot you can see you are facing sideways from the mimic, try again while facing the monster.
  3. I just tried leveling a swordsman on moscovia, les forest, this seems a good spot with a fire weapon, and the only agrresive monster is a mantis which is fairly weak and "les" dies so fast. The only thing you should be worried about is getting bleed status when they mob you because your flee will drop, but with enough supplies you can mob them and use magnum break for easy leveling . There are also spots in the map where a "les" will spawn second/s later after you killed it in the same area making this map a relaxing spot to level, and you can leave a slave priest there without much movement. Loots wise "les" can drop some goodies like stem aloe leaflet and sharp leaf which you can sell for a good price, wood goblins have horrible loots so you can skip them if you find it hard to kill.
  4. Dang i want that 1.2k sanc proc. More power!
  5. Thank you for that. In irowiki it only said with 5 or more people , it didn't specify that they should be dead, noob problems for me. Now that we know this maybe we'll try again with new characters later. In the dungeon itself, i feel like the unintroduced monster are a bit overpowered, flame skull and banshee, or maybe I'm just unfamiliar with them.
  6. Have been trying my luck with every scroll but no luck, I usually buy 5 or 10 of them whenever i got funds but just got the extras. But I heavily commited on poring backpack scroll and xin niar scroll (250 and 200) when they returned some time ago, still no luck After that xin niar spam, I then spent a lot of time at merge npc
  7. Someone shouted about frenzy falcon scroll before maintenance so I guess that will be the most anticipated one later. Who knows? maybe they'll add nameless.
  8. I think darkslide52 meant bolt scrolls on that one. Regarding new headgears with such skills, I think they are only picking what to release from the existing ones, and i don't remember if bolts or buff spell (bless and increase agi) headgear exist. The most fun thing among those is the ice cream hat with lvl 3 frost diver, so maybe they can bring that. Also, I remember zaha doll hat used to be that it transforms you to a bacsojin when you cast spells but i think they changed it to an active magnificat skill, I'm not sure which is the original description of the headgear so maybe they can get you those headgears with such skills. You can also suggest the availability of blessing scrolls and increase agi scrolls on kafra shop. Used to be you can get them on scrolls. like abrasive and aspd increase potions, but now you can buy these items directly from kafra shop so they might put blessing/ increase agi as well. For the bolt skills, maybe they can put that as well, though this mostly favor the magical sinx type with two elemental sword, they will gain profit from it. Oh, now that I think about it, its pretty sick if you can spam those scrolls in woe specially if you are under bragi's poem.
  9. The idea seems nice because its pretty annoying to allot kafra storage or inventory space for those hard to get cards. I mean getting them is always nice but if no one wants it it just takes space, and it seems a waste to throw it or even sell it to npc. I guess if it will work, you may exchange 10 random cards for a random card, it will work something like that. But I'm against this as i have seen some big stack of cards vended and I'm pretty sure those came from bots (minorous cards) like 150 of them if i remember correctly. They already said they are banning all accounts related to bots but seeing those vends, make you think otherwise. So i don't think this will be implemented but if you can't let go of them you can just think of those fun grinding times leveling whenever you hover at it.
  10. They usually show those monster drops from each monster added or updated, in this case you can see the possible drops of boss monster in there: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/sealed-shrine-quest---baphomet-instance-dungeon Some updates they also showed what you can get from new monsters introduced and sometimes they show its drop rate especially if its got a reduced rate from normal server like MVPs. In my case i tried asking (in live chat) for the drop rate of some items like Orleans Gown from Banshee Master but they said they can't say, surely though you can get it from that. With this, it may seem that some drop rates are reduced like they mention, Magestic Goat from Baphomet, although i can't confirm that.
  11. Happiny


    Hello everyone! Finally forums is up! Cheers for the creators for this. I'm Happiny and I am pretty active playing again. I am fond of hunting challenging monsters in a map where there are no mechanical hunters. I may be helping out in your biolabs leveling when I feel like it Hope this forums will be lively and keep those events for more people to join!
  12. Got the chance to try this out, so i must say it was hard. In our case, we never tried it before, be it in classic or renewal servers, so we pretty much died over and over again on the last floor. I guess you need a certain set of characters with specific build to finish this. We were supposed to try it out by creating a reflect crusader and eske soul linker, just like what you can easily find on those youtube videos, but when we tried using redemptio with 5-6 people on party the exp penalty still exist(don't know how it was supposed to work) so we gave up on that and never returned on the dungeon. The removal of Tae Goo Lyeon and Bloodied Shackle Ball on its drop list makes it less interesting as well as the unimplemented creation of the Large Baphomet Horns. Take note that Feather Beret is still not yet available even if rachel was introduced already, so does the taekwon headgears such as ayam, hahoe mask etc. I don't know if they plan to bring this "quest" headgears in the game, but if it is just delayed i wonder how long the wait will be for Large Baphomet Horns.
  13. Preparations are always necessary for satisfactory results. #goodlucktoallguilds
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