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  1. additional BUG(?): when UNION is active, HP/SP regeneration STOPS. not even sitting with taekwon class helps. is UNION really working that way? not in any description though. maybe I missed it out too? #HELP
  2. every forum/website I've read, I didn't read about HEAL or healing item will be reduced to 1/4 if you use "Union". is this a thing to other servers as well? it's not in the description of irowiki, ratemyserver, etc or even in-game description. is this HEALING nerfed thing is just EXCLUSIVE to our server? comments from other players who played TKM/Star Gladiator in other servers are greatly appreciated. please somehow enlighten me regarding this one. maybe I am missing out something. imagine you use Union skill, then every time you hit opponents, your HP is reduced. then HEALING items effect reduced to only 1/4. doesn't make any sense. if this is the original effect of Union skill, please kindly comment down below. it's my first time playing TKM.
  3. there is no iz_dun05 yet. only up to dungeon 4. no npc needed to access it. you can actually find stroufs in dungeon 4 but unfortunately only 1-2 spawns only. you might not see them often especially if there are many players in the map.
  4. anyway, try to use this map as a guide for future reference. although it's not update on current patch of valhalla server. https://99porings.com/revo-classic/world-map
  5. are we on the same server? this guide is for RO MSP servers (valhalla & yggdrasil). if yes, his guide is not useless. maybe you're the one who is missing and not pay_fild11?
  6. try using stats calculator. personally if yung 80 agi vs 90 agi is +1 aspd lang difference, i'll go with 80 agi.
  7. wait for ragnarok thailand update. if they implement 3rd jobs on their servers, for sure, next time we will have it too. although i don't like the idea of putting 3rd jobs.
  8. he's together with rok points kafras in prontera.
  9. first, i think you comment your screenshot on the wrong post. (dito pa lang, wala na) second, you didn't put IGN together with screenshot. well, it's not totally your fault because they really didn't clarify where to post it. i also think you didn't investigated enough. that name, john connor, also commented one on the RIGHT post with PROPER format. https://www.facebook.com/RagnarokOnline.com.ph/posts/1003301930003031?comment_id=1003326633333894 that's why he's counted one of the eligible to claim the reward. doesn't matter what time you posted, as long as you are one of the first 100 people that commented on the RIGHT post with PROPER format.
  10. they might extend it again later. let's just wait for another update. anyway, you're welcome.
  11. yep. 12pm. i bet they'll post it right away on their official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RagnarokOnline.com.ph/
  12. usually last 4-8 hours. but today's a little different. they are having major update for the upcoming Yggdrasil server. they said the server will be up 12NN on November 29, 2019. it might be extended.
  13. not sure about the best way.. but make sure you already removed any important equips, items and zeny before deleting. when you click on "delete" button on the character selection screen, your chosen character will display in sitting position and now pending for deletion. it will show a red text telling you the exact date and time you can delete your character. you have to wait for 3 days.. cannot delete it instantly. after 3 days, when the red text becomes blue, you can finally delete you character by clicking the delete button again. then there's a pop-out and asking for your email address. just type the email address you used on registering your RO username/id. if you fail to type the correct email address, you cannot delete it. do not cancel deletion or else you will have to wait for another 3 days.
  14. C.FAW - 90M or +4 I.FAW - 110M (whichever comes first) Holdremlin Card - 2M Ulle's Cap - 3M send message. thanks!
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