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  1. September 2021 SR - C Choc Rabbit Bonnet SR - C Blue Rose Feather SR - C My Puppy C Steampunk Hat C Pocket Watch C God's Treasure
  2. August 2021 Rain Boots (OSM) Kollector's Hood (OSM) Mileena's Hairstyle (OSM) Survivor's Circlet (OSM)
  3. General Rebirth Renovation (Trans) Marriage System Renovation Daily Check-in System Dungeon Entrance Quests Morocc's Path Finding Quest (Nightmare Pyramid and Morocc Hidden Field) Crafting Arcane of Darkness Accessory Enchantment Arcane of Darkness Enchantment
  4. You can add this post to your bookmarks for future reference December 2019 Frenzy Galapago Drops Balloon January 2020 C Choa Hairstyle C Maple Falling C Golden Eleanor Wig Book of Meteor Meta Angel Figure Golden Ribbon Ears Golden Angel Hairband (Moving Golden Angel Wing) Golden Angel Wing February 2020 Couldy Rainy Pink Angeling Bubble C Love Whisper Gyges Ring Baron's Evil Eye C Moew Lover March 2020 Ashra's Veil Shinnok's Crown C Genetic's Square Bag (Costume version only) Sappun's Tail Shinnok's Ears C Zhitsu's Hairstyle April 2020 Night Wolf Shawl Erron Black's Glove Night Raven Shawl Scorpion's Chain May 2020 Ermac's Soul Night Owl Shawl Liu Kang Sash Mad Cony Shield June 2020 Noob Saibot's Shadow Kenshi's Gauntlet Sonya's Bandana Shujinko's Rosary July 2020 Sindel's Haircut Kung Jin's Necklace Kung Lao's Hat Reptile's Claws August 2020 Babe's Apron Shang Tsung's Amulet Geras's Gem Ashrah's Ring September 2020 Cetrion's Circlet Cetrion's Bracelet Dark Raiden's Sakkat Kronika's Speller Phy. (OSM) Howard's Necklace October 2020 Shao Kahn's Helmet Poring Power Shield Skarlet's Robe Dark Cross Shield November 2020 Kollector's Lantern Sindel's Charm Tanya's High Heels December 2020 Motaro's Horn Kintaro's Bracelet Kronika's Speller (Mag.) January 2021 Shao Kahn Yoroi (OSM) Ermac's Veil (OSM) Kronika's Orb (OSM) Shang Tsung's Rainbow (OSM) February 2021 Joker's Kard (OSM) Kung Jin's Headpiece (OSM) Joker's Face (OSM) Maneki Neko's Bell (OSM) March 2021 Nezuko's Eyes (OSM) Nezuko's Bamboo (OSM) Erron's Hat (OSM) Reptile's Head (OSM) April 2021 Kenshi's Amubando (OSM) Rambo's Bandana (OSM) Nightwolf's Tasuki (OSM) Nitara's Wing (OSM) May 2021 Sub-Zero Shield (OSM) Liu Kang Circlet (OSM) Raiden's Sakkat (OSM) June 2021 Mortality Ring (OSM) Survivor's Shoes (OSM) July 2021 Reptile's Cape (OSM) Scorpion's Shield (OSM) Sindel's Skirt (OSM) Holy Shield Ring (OSM) Special Poring Backpack Jonin Sash Fallen Angel Wing Black Shiba Inu Hat Fidelity Necklace Survivors Orb Asgard Bless Promo Elven Ear
  5. You can add this post to your bookmarks for future reference FYI: Costumes that have been dyed cannot be melted into Riko's Letter February 2020 C Lovely Heart Cap C Sting Silk Ribbon C Heart Wing Hairband C Fluffy Lovely Earmuffs C Choco Chip Cookies C Heart Choco Bag C Sailor Ribbon March 2020 C Jimin Hairstyle (Cream) C Irene Hairstyle (Cream C Seohyun Hairstyle (Cream) C Miku Hairstyle (Cream) C Sailor Hairstyle (Cream) C Araragi Hairstyle (Cream) C Pretzel hairstyle (Cream) C Ace of Angel Wing C Goku Hairstyle (Gold) April 2020 C Bubbling Hairband C Sexy Beach Cap C Hungry Fish C See Sea C Little Mermaid C Flower Shower C Poring Water Jars C Poring Fruity Aura May 2020 C Doremi Witch Hat C Strange Magic C Sorcerer Veil C Azure Witch Eyes C Scarlet Witch Eyes C Reality Stone C Book of Sabrina C Onpu Witch Cape C Kiki Witch Bloom June 2020 C Yukimura's Hairstyle (Pearl) C Minty's Hairstyle (Pearl) C Choa Hairstyle (Pearl) C IU's Hairstyle C Royal Captain Hat C White Tiget Doll C Alpaca Hood C Sexy Wink Eyes C Tiny White Bear C Wings of Michael July 2020 C Cyber Meow Headphone C Medarot's Headpiece C Flying Drone C High-Tech Earphone C Q&A Hairpiece C Visual System C Data Analyze C Sexy Love Hairstyle (NG) C Silvia Cannon C DJ Cyber C Programmer August 2020 C Lamb Boy C Bear Reaper C Melody of Jitterbug C Blue Pajamas C Pom Pom C Teacher Glasses (B) C 2 Different Tears C Orange Flavor Cat C Giant Black Ribbon C Zzz C Cute Bear Balloon C Black School Bag September 2020 C Poring Yum Yum C Poring Beret C Rolling Poring C Poring Family C Whisper of Poring C Poring's Earring C Poring Balloon C Poring's Letter C Poring's Muffler C Poring's Traffic C Fly Like a Butterfly (P) October 2020 C Whisper Magic (Pure) C Evil Druid Hat (Dark) C Evil Druid Hat (Blood) C Motaro Horn C Jealous Eyes C Disguise Cloth C Miyabi Hairstyle (Dark) C Silent Hill Mask C Dark Cross C Ghost Shiba November 2020 C Prince of Bunny C Hot Bunny C Cream Rabbit Hoppin C Pure Rabbit Ears C White Rabbit C Elegant Eyes C Rabbit Protection C Lunatic Muffler C Sexy Bunny Hairstyle C Huge Red Ribbon December 2020 C Dear Santy C Jingle Bell C Dear Santa C Santa's Beat C Icy Ears C Santa's Beard C Santy's Muffler C Lumwin Ice C Playing with Snow C Santa Claus's Bag January 2021 C Masic Hat C Muzik Hat C Listen Up C Mr. Joker C Idol Make Up C Microphone C Gamber Card C Ring Ma Bell C Barbara Hairstyle C Red School Bag C Idol Hairstyle February 2021 C Lady Gothic Ribbon C Toy of Arale C Pinky Pajamas C Alice Hairstyle (Sweet) C Ear's Candy C Office Girl Glasses C Love Patch (Girl) C Taeyeon's Hairstyle C Drunken Love C Sappy Cat C Ace of Angel Wing (Sweet) March 2021 C YooA's Fairy C Cute Bambi C Nidhogg (Glam) C High Elf Ears C Bengal Cat C Lady Butterfly C Lamp of Fairy C Hunter Scarf C Butterfly Effect (Glam) C Ulysses Betterfly C Butterfly Crown April 2021 C Moonlight C Camelia Onihime SR - C Sengoku Warrior SR - C Shikigami Charm SR - C Kurama Fox C Tengu's Mask C Geisha's Fan SR - C Hime Cut C Nezuko's Scroll May 2021 C Ashra's Veil C Astro Circle SR - C Ra's God Hairband C Mask of Hero SR - C Elegante Ribbon C Phantom Mask (Gold) C Holy Symbol SR - C Rose Hairstyle SR - C Lord Knight Pauldron June 2021 C - Cherry Blossom Hat SR - C Archbishop Hat C Sakura Crown SR - C Charming Cherry SR - C Lilac Eyes C - Blossom Glasses C - Cherry Blossom Effect SR - C Cherry Twig C Miyabi Hairstyle (Ash) July 2021 C - White Cat Ears C - Loving Cats SR - C Maneki Hood (B) C - Sappun Eyes C - Meowth Mask SR - C Sand Cat Ears C - Sappun Mouth SR - C Meowth Hairstyle (BR) SR - Maneki Ribbon (B) August 2021 C - Dark Ashrah SR - C Equilibrium Crown SR - C Bang Marcher (W) C Phantom Mask (Silver) SR - C Deviruchi Apron C - Dark Angel Ears SR - C Jihyo Hairstyle (B) C - Deviruchi Shadow C - Luminous Muffler
  6. You can add this post to your bookmarks for future reference General VIP System PVP System Reset Status System Card Desocket System Gachapon System MVP Renovation Eden Group Renovation New Hairstyle Update Dyeing Clothes Dyeing Hairpiece Pretty Cart Leveling Bonus EXP Party System Billboard Mission Dungeon Entrance Quests Moscovia Dungeon Entrance Quest (Finding the Moving Island) Dewata Dungeon Entrance Quest (Dewata Legend) Brasilis Dungeon Entrance Quest Bio Laboratory Dungeon Entrance Quest Instance Dungeons Orc Memory Dungeon Malangdo Island Octopus Cave Malangdo Island Malangdo Culvert Old Glast Heim Equipment Quests/Exchange Eden Paradise Team Equipment Battleground Exchange Billboard Exhange Dewata Event (Mysterious Kard) Umbala Soul Exchange MVP Exchange System (Boss Amulet) Riko & Rika Exchange Crafting Seasonal Headgear (Permanent) Anaconda Head and CD in Mouth Crazy Baphomet Jr., Sloth Hat, and Bloody Sucker Umbala Spirit, Clear Sunny, and Kid's Syringe Wunderkammer, Fancy Phantom Mask, and Heavenly Dark Flame Einbroch Crafting System Bio Laboratory Crafting System Old Glast Heim Crafting & Enchant System Costume Combine System (SSR Costumes) Gold Equipment Note: Needed for Brasilis Crafting & Biolab Headgear Crafting Brasilis Crafting System (Fierce Family) Thanatos Crafting System Sealed Shrine Quest (Hulk Magestic Goat) Orcish Ring/C Orc Hero Helmet Enchantment Socket Enchant System Costume Enchant System SSR Costume Enchant Einbroch Enchant System Bio Laboratory Enchant System Brasilis Enchant System Thanatos Enchant System Malangdo Island Jewel Enchant System Orcish Ring Enchant Miscellaneous SR Costumes List SSR Costumes List Malangdo Jewel Enchantable List
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