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  1. We experience bug related to no ally system. We still cannot attack our allied guild only magic aoe cant can do. Its not fair for those small guilds. Other big guilds take advantage the bug
  2. icepick= pierce deff + additional damage* from vit ck= pierce deff + additional deff from demihuman go for CK
  3. Just read carefully the steps before doing this quest. From the part of historian from juno going to historian morroc. Dont put any message/lyrics from the tab cuz this part is crucial. Theres a right lyric you can put in that tab just read carefuly the steps.
  4. Wow thats great, thx for sharing tushy.
  5. Aik

    S>+4 Mystic Faw Set

    500m just private message me
  6. ***Bolter type Str 1~10 Agi 1 Vit 90~99 Int90~99 Dex20~30 Luk20~30 This require Coldbolt scrolls or Icefalcon sword switching with Elemental Sword or Bazerald. Recommend for PVM, PVP, MVP, WOE.
  7. I already finish this quest with my 2 characters. Basically I bring too much materials for the part of feeding camel at south middle of the veins field map. 200 pcs milk x2 = 400pcs 550 pcs greenherb x2 = 1100pcs 300 pcs jellopy x2 = 600pcs Ps: this is just an idea for next time you do the quest.
  8. Ill make this very short and quick for you guys to understand. I know you will skip this intro. Lets go start ! Pure Critical type *** Str 90 Agi 90 Vit 40~60 Int 1 Dex 1 Luk 30~40 This build is not dependable to food buff like abrassive esp. Some other say much better if go for 60 vit 1 luk 1 dex but for me this is not the full potential of crit types Sonic Blow type *** Str 90~99 Agi 1~50 Vit 40~60 Int 1 Dex 40~60 Luk 1 Just comment below if you think theres also a good stats other than this. This requires Assasin Spirit (SL) Recommended for PVP, MVP and WOE. Soul Destroyer Type *** Str 90~99 Agi 25~60 Vit 90 Int 1~40 Dex 40~60 Luk 1 Getting confuse for this one ? Agi is for fast release/anination of SD this is for extra soft attack. Recommended for PVP, MVP and WOE deff type. Dual Dagger type *** Str 90 Agi 90 Vit 40~60 Int 1 Dex 40~60 Luk 1~10 This ones build uses high aspd. Recommended for Pvm, EmpBreaking, and PVP. *** SonicBlow/SoulDestroyer Str 90~99 Agi 20~60 Vit 80~90 Int 15~40 Dex 40~60 Luk 1 This build is too expensive you need to invest two kinds of weapons for example SB=Boned Infil/BloodyRoar the othsr part SD=CurveSword/ElementalSword for right, Left Main Gauche[4]/Orcish Axe[4]. Recommended for PVP, MVP, PVM and WOE. ***SonicBlow Critical Str 90 Agi 90 Vit 30~50 Int 1 Dex 20~30 Luk 20~40 Requires Assasin Spirit, food buff like abrassive. Recommended for PVP, PVM, MVP and WOE. ***SoulDestroyer VenomSplasher Str 90~99 Agi 20~40 Vit 80~90 Int 1~20 Dex 1~40 Luk 1 This combo need timing for you to be able to get 2 hits combo for high deff character like Paladin, LordKnight and HighPriest. Recommended for PVP, PVM, MVP and WOE. Ps: this is only base on my experience and base for my knowledge. I accept your guide and oppinions. Comment below and lets go discuss it.
  9. It feels good to be home and be in front of my family and friends. But I think it was more important for me to step up for my teammates and be energizer offensively or defensively. Offense was the thing going for me today, but I'll do whatever it takes to get a championship. The most important thing in the world is family and love. #FS
  11. My Favorite Costume <3 <3 <3
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