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    "Online gaming friends are real friends when you can eat, drink, talk, laugh and cry together in real life or in game." @ZatsuX @Tobukun @koyamics @Mayonaka @Aicah
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    I thought you have your own website TUSHY.co* So because of my curiosity , all I can say is, it is really indeed mind blowing. ahahahaha
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    Whoever you guys have done surrender now >:D this is your last warning !
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    Additional Info: Size Modifier Cards: [*] Desert Wolf Card: +15% damage against small-sized monsters, ATK +5. [*] Skeleton Worker Card: +15% damage against medium-sized monsters, ATK +5. [*] Minorous Card: +15% damage against large-sized monsters, ATK +5. Property Cards: [*] Vadon Card: +20% damage to fire-property opponents. [*] Drainliar Card: +20% damage to water-property opponents. [*] Mandragora Card: +20% damage to wind-property opponents. [*] Kaho Card: +20% damage to earth-property opponents. [*] Anacondaq Card: +20% damage to poison-property opponents. [*] Civil Servant Card: +20% damage to ghost-property opponents. [*] Orc Skeleton Card: +20% damage to holy-property opponents. [*] Santa Poring Card: +20% damage to shadow-property opponents. Race Cards: [*] Hydra Card: +20% damage to Demi-Human opponents. [*] Goblin Card: +20% damage to Brute opponents. [*] Caramel Card: +20% damage to Insect opponents. [*] Peco Peco Egg Card: +20% damage to Formless opponents. [*] Earth Petite Card: +20% damage to Dragon opponents. [*] Flora Card: +20% damage to Fish opponents. [*] Scorpion Card: +20% damage to Plant opponents. [*] Strouf Card: +20% damage to Demon opponents. [*] Scorpion King Card: +20% damage to Undead opponents (OCA only - Not sure if it is implemented in our server ROPH/ROMSP). Unique damage cards. They give more additional damage and stack similarly to the other card classes, but only work on specific monster types so some of them aren't that useful. [*] Abysmal Knight Card: +25% damage to Boss monsters. [*] Orc Lady Card: +30% damage to non-boss Orc monsters. [*] Lava Golem Card: +30% damage to Golem monsters. ATK-increasing cards aren't worth using unless you're on a very low level because damage increasing cards will always do more damage given your STR is >50. Hit-increasing weapons on the other hand are something you'll always need. [*] Andre Card: +20 Atk [*] Zipper Bear Card: +30 Atk, drain 1 SP on each hit [*] Mummy Card: +20 Hit [*] Seal Card: +10 Hit, +3 Flee [*] Stone Shooter Card: +10 Hit, +10 Atk
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    Hello guys, I am Ranger. Lets talk about Blitz Hunter, Sniper! If u find this post “conflicts”/ wanna discuss, share ur ideas, Lets go! First, U can find the difference between Revo Rag and Other version stats here: https://roclassic-guide.com/how-to-build-stats-by-yourself/ “VIT, AGI, and LUK skills are boosted. While STR,DEX, and INT, were nerfed… A LOT.” Stat analysis for Blitz Hunter, Sniper: Str: No, u have gym to make it up, unless u wanna play Beast Strafe and marry a Soul Linker! Agi: Without a doubt this is the most important stat, Low agi = Low Falcon fly, cant dodge anything. Max it or get at least 90 (Maximum it is recommanded) Int: Here we go, the third important stat! Every 2 int = 10 falcon dam. (Max Steel Crow plz) Dex: Trapper, DS hunter main stat, but here, every 10 dex = 10 falcon dam (Pretty low compared to int) Luck: The secondary important stat, adds crit chance, resistance to abnormal status, physical dam, magical dam… and Dawn of Falcon! Min = 70 luck (Skill, Gears). Every 1 Luck = 0.3% Crit and Falcon Fly PROS: Cool. Fast and furious. Classical Farming Style, Auto cast and stuffs CONS: No burst dam Vulnerable to ghost property, because Auto Blitz/Blitz Beat is neutral attack, no matter what! Take times to eredicate something, enjoy it! Note: (My opinion) 1. Max agi, go big or go home! 2. Most pp say leave Luck be at 60. Okay, 60 is minimum, 70-90 is recommanded, 90~120 or above is optimal! Why? Because I “hate” 183 atsp and “the hot trend” 60 luck. In real kombat, 60 luck does quite strigger the falcon fly, but its not a decend number. The real decent number is 70-80 luck, u can see the falcon fly frequency rises more. 90 Luck? Hell Yeah, WAR BLITZ! I have tested 70 dex 60 luck hunter vs 30 dex 80 luck hunter, the result u guys can guess. I don’t like hybrid! 1 luck = 0.3%, 3 luck = 0.9%. 90 luck is a perfect number, the multiply of 0.3! 3. Dex and int fomular works exactly as posted up there. 9 dex or 1 int = No falcon dam (Sorry). Aim 3x dex, the rest is int ‘till u gain 1k Blitz Beat, up more int for more Blitz Beat (Maximum 12xx, not worthy). So 1k is recommanded! 4. PP say if u miss, the Falcon wont be striggered. Result is quite contrary, it striggers even if u miss the target. As long as ur atsp is high enou (185 min, 186~190 recommanded), Auto Blitz depends on ur atsp, not ur hit! 5. In Revo ragnarok, for dealing dam, a high refined high dam weapon is better than 3,4 slotted weapon. Pick +10 Quad curse or +7+8 Gakkung [2], ur call! An Archer Ske is da bezt card, it not only boosts ur weapon dam, also boosts dex dam (Demi human card etc adds weapon dam only). its... unwise to put a silly card on ur precious bow but Archer Skeleton! (if u got boss card, unharm to try it) Reference https://99porings.com/revo-classic/guides/secondjob/hunter/hunter https://youtu.be/-SFleMFyhdE
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    For me it's a no. They (ROMSP) might not implement this kind of item. If you can cast increase agility and blessing to your character. There's no need for party or slave priest. The downside is that there will be no interaction to other players. To know each other, gain friends and to have fun. If you can cast bolts then it's not enough to kill a monster with low Level of casting a spell using an equipment. It will take time for you to gain job/base exp. Currently, we do have an increase agi(auto cast) in our cash shop. Auto decrease agi as well when being attacked. If you're looking for such kind of items with skills enabled, then go for a job/character with those skills that you've wanted. We'll see if they will implement. They need to review and discuss. /no1
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    A gamer once said " A real gamer never die they respawn and ready to fight for honor and glory "
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    Kaaaaa!! meeeee!! haaaaa!! meeee!! haaalllooooo!!
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    Weapon Comparison Simulator The URL above is used from ROThai. Useful site before you spend your zeny on a weapon.
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    Ahh, cge po sir. Thnx po! ^^
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    For ygg, it's easy to have critical attack using Katar and since it's a start up server. The resources for daggers is too low. The full potential as dual dagger is when you rebirth as Assassin Cross
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    Double Attack Critical vs Amon Ra
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    Hi xGen here. Active forumer . from ARR GUILD .
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    Probably a chance for people that we're not able to play in valhalla due to late registry. ;=)
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    If you're looking for Fun. You can also try Ninja Class (MAGIC type) Rouge Vs Knight.. I'll go with Rouge since it has Auto Steal and high flee for me not to use HP potion. With low flee, monster can hit you and you will use a lot of potions..
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    Ill make this very short and quick for you guys to understand. I know you will skip this intro. Lets go start ! Pure Critical type *** Str 90 Agi 90 Vit 40~60 Int 1 Dex 1 Luk 30~40 This build is not dependable to food buff like abrassive esp. Some other say much better if go for 60 vit 1 luk 1 dex but for me this is not the full potential of crit types Sonic Blow type *** Str 90~99 Agi 1~50 Vit 40~60 Int 1 Dex 40~60 Luk 1 Just comment below if you think theres also a good stats other than this. This requires Assasin Spirit (SL) Recommended for PVP, MVP and WOE. Soul Destroyer Type *** Str 90~99 Agi 25~60 Vit 90 Int 1~40 Dex 40~60 Luk 1 Getting confuse for this one ? Agi is for fast release/anination of SD this is for extra soft attack. Recommended for PVP, MVP and WOE deff type. Dual Dagger type *** Str 90 Agi 90 Vit 40~60 Int 1 Dex 40~60 Luk 1~10 This ones build uses high aspd. Recommended for Pvm, EmpBreaking, and PVP. *** SonicBlow/SoulDestroyer Str 90~99 Agi 20~60 Vit 80~90 Int 15~40 Dex 40~60 Luk 1 This build is too expensive you need to invest two kinds of weapons for example SB=Boned Infil/BloodyRoar the othsr part SD=CurveSword/ElementalSword for right, Left Main Gauche[4]/Orcish Axe[4]. Recommended for PVP, MVP, PVM and WOE. ***SonicBlow Critical Str 90 Agi 90 Vit 30~50 Int 1 Dex 20~30 Luk 20~40 Requires Assasin Spirit, food buff like abrassive. Recommended for PVP, PVM, MVP and WOE. ***SoulDestroyer VenomSplasher Str 90~99 Agi 20~40 Vit 80~90 Int 1~20 Dex 1~40 Luk 1 This combo need timing for you to be able to get 2 hits combo for high deff character like Paladin, LordKnight and HighPriest. Recommended for PVP, PVM, MVP and WOE. Ps: this is only base on my experience and base for my knowledge. I accept your guide and oppinions. Comment below and lets go discuss it.
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    Welcome to Loki's Sanctuary, an all priest guild made by brave priest from ROPH. Loki’s Sanctuary, first of its kind, is a guild, dedicated in starting and spreading the positivity in all of Rune-Midgard. It all began as a conception of two minds being as one, eager to make a positive difference to the community. Photo taken on first issue of RagnarokPilipinas featuring the founders of Loki's Sanctuary Our intent lies in being a catalyst and to give everyone the opportunity to become a blessing to others the proper way. Loki's Sanctuary's First Turf - Aldebaran Church First Mobile Shrine of Loki's Sanctuary - December 2017 [ROPH Loki's Server] First Mobile Shrine Poster [No pictures on the said shrine] Mobile Shrine Event at Zenhai Marsh Mobile Shrine Event at El Mes Plateau/Nogg Road Entrance Massive Mobile Shrine Event made at Geffenia Dungeon 02 collaborated with Family Computer [FamiCom] Guild - April 2018 Collaboration Event with GeffeniaFarmers [HaciendaGeffenia now] - May 8, 2018 #xithography - LS's official photographer insights - Lutie Siege - December 29, 2018 With our hearts and mind, set up in this direction. We were able to affect the community through positivity, camaraderie and good deeds. We have come so far, yet we have no intentions of stopping any time soon. Kasalang Bayan - Loki's Sanctuary's Mass Wedding Event This MSP Episode, Loki's Sanctuary's Goal was to make bonds with people from different guilds and different race to have a good sharing of thoughts, having fun of them and make fun adventures despite of race/guild conflict. Loki's Sanctuary MSP still continue the legacy leaved by its founders and will continue the vision and mission until the end times. LS™ MSP Official Banner for Attack on Prontera ft. Ruri the Quest Adventurer and Xith [#xithography] Attack on Prontera - September 27, 2019 LS™ Party : Aiding Marmalade's Request [Lost Merchant and Greedy Poring Last Day - September 30, 2019] With these acts we have been blessed more than what a mind can comprehend. Thanks to all the people who have been behind us, supporting us since the very beginning. To know more about how you can help us help everyone else, please send us a message here in our facebook page [https://www.facebook.com/LokisSanctuary/]. Even the slightest expression of appreciation can actually help us keep going! Thank you and God bless!
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    It feels like you are the one who going to invite us on your Tushy Sanctuary tho
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    "Opportunity does not waste time with those who are unprepared." Time to aim for full attendance!
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    During WoE, the flee is less compared to PvP map. With 30~35 dex it can hit players inside the castle. Use Spear Dynamo if you want. You're question is does STR add damage to Spiral Pierce. So the answer is Yes. If for the build. I still suggest to have 90 STR and 90 VIT for GAW/PBP utilization. Using Spiral Pierce will only hit ONE player (compared to bowling bash). With Brandish Spear.. it's quite SLOW then using this skill because of ASPD penalty using Spear. Still better to use 1-hand sword (with One Hand quicken - Linked). That's my suggestion. But in the end it's still your decision to make /no1
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    "Ponder and deliberate before you make a move." - The Art of War.
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    Ohaayo @Lion That's Mt. Mjolnir, map on the south of Al de Baran Town, (mjolnir_12): 143,185. The place is a bit bleak so you need to find a perfect spot to get a nice photo. Are you going to take pictures too? I'd love to see them PS: Watch out for angry Mantis. They love to photobomb. I had a hard time getting rid of them since my character is a priest.
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    Always obsessing over food, even pixelated ones. /rice
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    Video Link Pls watch, like, share & subscribe! Support Ragnarok Online!
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    They seem to have fixed it.
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