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Welcome to Prontera.net!


This forum allows you to connect and converse on a wide range of topics with other users. 


Below are some reminders on how to use this forum:


1.       Take care of your account information. Please keep your username and password confidential as Prontera.net will not be liable for any unauthorized usage.


2.       Post clearly and sensibly. When posting your messages, everyone else in the forum can see them. In this light, kindly post responsibly and avoid off-topic posts, text speak, and spam.


3.       Observe netiquette. Please keep in mind that there is a real person behind each username you are interacting with.


4.       Have fun.


Upon visiting Prontera.net, please take note of the following guidelines and read them carefully. 


1.    Registration. Information required upon registration for each participant must be accurate and complete. You must update your information as needed in order to ensure that the information remains accurate and complete.


2.    Use of Member ID and Password. Prontera.net assumes that all activities made using your Member ID and password are authorized by you.


3.    Use of Avatars. Avatars are allowed to give a defined image to a user. When posting avatars, users are not allowed to post prohibited or offensive material including, but not limited to, obscene, violent, racist, and gory images.



4.    Posting of Messages. Upon registration, Prontera.net allows you to post messages in the forum in a number of forms, such as your opinion about any of the topics in the forum and post comments to other people's messages.


5.    Posting Limits. Users can post content that is allowed but to allow smooth loading of pages and user interaction, Prontera.net may impose limits in terms of post length and image sizes.


6.    User Conduct and User Generated Content. 


  • Misinformation. Users are not allowed to post information that is knowingly false or inaccurate in the forum.


  • Flooding and Spamming. Users are not allowed to flood or spam the forum as it disrupts the flow of discussion. 


  • Flaming and Personal Threats. Lashing out at other participants is strictly forbidden. Proper etiquette is required in participating. This also covers the prohibition of giving personal threats to fellow users.


  • Trolling. Posting insulting or deliberately divisive threads/replies for the purpose of (1) harvesting retaliatory insults and flames, or (2) throwing off the balance of the forum, is also disallowed.


  • Bashing. Criticizing establishments, celebrities, products, and other properties without any acceptable basis is not allowed in the forum.


  • Links to Harmful Content. Links containing any viruses, malware or other computer programming routines that are intended to damage and interfere with any system, data or personal information, are strictly not allowed.


  • Guidelines on Member IDs. A member ID holds the alias name of a user. You agree that you will not incorporate any word in your alias name, Message ID or custom user title that is defamatory, obscene or profane.


  • Posting Format. Users should post messages which are clear and sensible.


  • Vulgarity. Posts should not contain any indecent, obscene, or vulgar content such as, but not limited to, profanity, nudity, and immoral acts.


  • Piracy. Posts promoting piracy are prohibited in the forum. This includes but is not limited to, hacking, cracking, custom firmware, and locations on where pirated materials are available.


  • Off-topic Posts. Each forum is specifically tailored to address certain topics; you are responsible for initiating new threads in the correct forum. You should stay on-topic at all times. 


  • Advertising. You agree not to use the Prontera.net Forum to either advertise or promote commercial endeavors.


  • Information safety. Posting personal information such as name, email address, contact details and social media accounts in this site places the information in public domain. We do not encourage anyone to post such information about oneself or anyone else on the site. Prontera.net moderators and admin users shall have the right to remove any content with personal information if the need arises.