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  2. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab0BT8zvaq4
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  4. Halo, I would like to ask u guys about revo ninja, which build deal the most dam, tks!
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  6. solved . but i tell you it was so confusing . It won't be weird if new player quit because they can't figure it out , because there is no help to get it thru
  7. how do i change from novice to first job class? i"m stuck in training ground for almost three frigging days. when i talk to job npc it ask me math question and then it says not enough certificate. wtf is that? i already completed every available quest on all npc in there. i was so down to uninstall the game
  8. Master tushy bago lng ako sa thief class. Sorry kung marami akong question sa build n nilagay mo. Nkakaaliw yung crit base dd. 1. 90 luk at mababa yung str nung sample build n nilagay mo pano lalakas ang damage ng crit mo kung mbaba str? Pde ba tong build na to 80 base str and 50 base luk para critical dual dagger tpos asa nlng sa luk food dlawang RT? Kc meron ako nkita yung 40 base str pero sobrang tadtad ng fuds. madugo sa bulsa ahahaha. O aasa k tlga sa fud and weapon para lumakas damage. Wla n bang damage multiplier ngaun ang str sa critdamage? 2. Anung mgnda alternative lefthand weapon pag wala kang pang icepick pde n b yung 2bloody2boned MG at status MG para sa woe at pvp? prang nde kc mkakapatay to ng makunat pagwla kang IP ahahah syang wla n kcng ignore def eh? 3. Yung vanberk card mdalas b proc neto? eto blak ko kc ilagay sa headgear. 4. Last question mgnda bang maglagay ng dex dto pra nde duling sa woe at pvp..pero sabi nila ignore flee din daw yung critical. Meron din ako nkita ktulad nung isa guide mo dd sinx build, dex type. pero asa lang sya sa crit weapon, crit accessories at luk fuds kaya muka syng critical dual dagger. Nde ko lng nkita damage kung mlakas hehehe Thanks sa isasagot mo paps pero kung feeling mo spoonfeed yung iba question wag mo nlng sagutin salamat ulet..cheers ./no1
  9. Tnx Sir! sa krasnaya po, 95 lng po str hindi 96 para makuha yung 20 atk? sa iro kasi 96 nakalagay.
  10. GM im a old player here. i just want to go back here again. i know my usename and password. the problem is i forgot the 4 digit password. is there anything i can do to my promlem GM?
  11. Im Player This Game Almost 2 month Ad Have 3 ID No Use Any Bot Or 3rd party software Then Donnot What GM Team Banned Me 2 ID Last Month One ID And Now One More ID Reason Is Im Siting There Long Time No Move And Stend There No Move Long Time
  12. Additional Headgear to consider: Deviling Hat [1] • Slotted • 2% ATK/MATK • Additional exp when defeating monsters
  13. For Daggers: Max Left and Right Mastery. Cloak 10 Max Remaining skills Venom Splasher/React.
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  15. For now it can only be obtained from events
  16. Eristoff


    Welcome and RoK on!
  17. Madsinx


    Hello Everyone! I am Madsinx. This is my first time here. Hoping that I can be active in this forum. heheh! Tushy referred me to this forum to share some guides for sinx but I am having second thoughts, coz I was thinking of creating a website for my sinx guides. LOL I will visit again if I have time coz I am a busy father of a 1 month old baby and a 5 years old son.
  18. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fLX3yzx5vE
  19. Ranger

    Blitz Hunter, Sniper

    Since we had Ring of Flame Lord set and lower gear frenzy falcon . Well u can consider a 90 agi, 44 int, 99 luck base, no dex!
  20. because this thread is for DD CRIT and the other one is for dual dagger build.. they are almost the same aside from the stats and card combination
  21. Thanks for this. Tanong lang ulit. Why the DD build stats was different from this thread to this guide of yours?
  22. For Daggers: Max Left and Right Mastery. Cloak 10 Max Remaining skills Venom Splasher/React.
  23. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qZiMMX8CF8
  24. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8FJgAn9fNE
  25. there's no reason not to go with sidewinder nowadays since critical hits can double atk now
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