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  2. please help me to change my mobile number to my account?
  3. How to change my mobile number???
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  6. Hi all, What is the max attack speed in this server??? As my crusader is stuck at 185 aspd. Even though i added agi. It seem doesnt move any more. This my stat for now : Crusader - Level 75 STR - 40 AGI - 94 DEX - 30 With awakening Potions + Spear Quicken. My aspd still 185 Thank You
  7. You cannot unless you know someone in the available regions willing to use a disposable sim phone number for your account.
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  9. Good day ! I was trying to search for a levelling guide but seems like there's none. I want to ask anyone who has any idea where can I level up using a Level 65(ongoing) hunter. I am new to the server and the last time I was playing RO was way way....way back. my item are just the free stuffed we get when we start our journey here. PS: I tried the sticky webfoot but was trying to know if there are any other and possibly faster way. if it's not much of a bother, I would like to ask as well, some item farming. thank you !!
  10. I want to create an account but I'm not from this region. I current live in Australia so how can I do it?
  11. Update : Looks like this issue is just a matter of refreshing the server. I was not able to login for a day because of the wrong password issue. Just wait for the server to reset then you can login. Patience is the fix for this issue.
  12. Hello what is a good katar weapon for Crit Assasins on a budget?
  13. Good day ! I just downloaded the game and was able to start it up. I registered (twice) because of the error message as said to the title. I kept changing the password and all but can't seem to get past this issue. Anyone else had the same experience as I did? if so, may I know how did you fixed it? Thank You,
  14. There is a delay before your account is actually activated. Try later.
  15. I just signed up but can't login to the game
  16. Very hard to play now after the weekend. Using Sky Fiber in the Philippines. No other issues with other games. There are times when I can't even move unless I use a free VPN. The servers are only fine at around 1-6 am.
  17. There is a delay after registering before your account is activated. Try later.
  18. Hi, I'm trying to register an account using my Vietnamese phone number, but I never receive the OTP. My operator is Mobiphone. I don't think my operator has spam protection, I receive like 5 spam a day.
  19. i created account today i cant log in game cause it always says "incorrect password or username" but i can log in website, tried many time to log in game still no fix
  20. Cant Log in also after registering
  21. I registered 15 minutes ago and have activated my account but I still can't log in saying that my username and password is incorrect.
  22. I wrote this fanfic a long, long time ago as part of a trilogy in another online forum that unfortunately no longer exists since more than a decade ago. The good thing though is that I was able to save a copy of it on my email. I decided to post this again on another forum (this one) as a sober reminder of those times. Some of the names, places and events mentioned on this parable are based on actual ones. The tavern refers to the forum where this story was originally published, the tavern owner refers to the admin, etc. If you can manage to decipher the hidden messages in this parable and post what you've found here, then be my guest. And who is the Sage in this story? Take a guess . Enjoy reading.
  23. I received the SMS OTP, confirmed my E-mail and I am from the Philippines. I cannot log my account into VALHALLA server but can freely log into YGGDRASIL server. But I dont wanna play in YGGDRASIL server, my friends are all at VALHALLA server LEMMEEEE IIIIIINNNNNN
  24. Help please, I am also experiencing this problem.New player here I too have already logged in and out from the website with no problems at all but when i try to log into the game it just says Incorrect User ID/Password.
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