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  3. Hello, I just found this server, I would like to know if EU players are allowed here?
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  5. Magkano po ba selling price ng Myst case card?? Just new to the game. Please help me! Thanks!
  6. Ayaw ipasok sa mismong game kahit kakatapos ko lang mag register
  7. Im wondering how do I recruit a party? I tried discord or in game but no one seems to wanna coop with me
  8. Can any one help? I've seen a lot of posts asking for help but nobody replied so i figure i create a new one..
  9. Magkano po bilhin ang dual katar?
  10. Any kind person would help me with account registration? (meaning the phone number and OTP sms for registering). I hope it would work otherwise normally.
  11. sir is orcish axe good for offhand weapon?
  12. As the title states, please make it transferrable in between characters the item doesnt state it is not storageable! So I claimed the everything from the Boost up event using my merchant character and behold, I cannot put the Kard on storage... Please make a quick update about this this is really frustrating
  13. Or is it only available for Yggdrasil server?
  14. new player cant login username = Paoo0oo
  15. Hi, I'm from South Latin America and I want to play in extreme ro, can someone help me create an account? I don't have a cell phone number to create an account. please help
  16. Hi! I'm a new player in the Valhalla Server Can you share some of your leveling spots for each tier level? I'm a lvl 81 hunter btw I've been grinding Les for the past few days but I don't see other people I'm starting to think I am grinding in the wrong place.. I would appreciate it if someone can share tips on leveling Thanks!
  17. Hello i just download this server for play now i trying register but there need a phone i have no mobile phone for sms how i can register here for play ?
  18. Just want to ask why my character was deleted? I was playing at Payon Dungeon L4 and was disconnected then after I log back in, my hunter Lvl 63 was deleted? *Update: I thought I lost my character. It came back after a few minutes.
  19. I want to hear comments from you guys about my planned build. Feel free to criticize. And accurate po ba yung calculator o tama lang kasi weapon level 4 ung infil and weapon level 3 lang ung carnage? Buffs: no box of grudge no converter (will use - depending on enemy's element) level 10 blessing level 10 increase agi EDP +15 str food +15 agi food +15 vit food +15 luk food awakes buche de noel ASPD intensifying Abrasive *If Fury will activate from ROFL then crit+10. Total of 81. If on defensive: switch to unfro VA (for more stun resistance) - i think 50+19 vit and the 50% resistance to stun by VA is enough. If not, switch headgear to Stalactic Golem no plans on getting raydric card or any neutral resist (no plans on tanking haha). Main goal is cloak/hide until inside then switch to offensive and pick-off the enemies one by one. Cloaking level 10 is a huge help.
  20. Hi Idol, Which do you prefer OB or Noxious card for garment? This is for WOE or PVM. Thank you!
  21. newly registered cant login username = neoamp23
  22. Hi GMs Im coming from 2mos vacation . i have forgot my 4digit password .. username dangersign01 T_T pls help . im playing again
  23. this calculator is not updated.
  24. S>GreenMaidenEgg,Mimic Card Valhalla server
  25. Wow thank you sa reply. Level 76 sinx Eto current gamit ko lods. planning to go 90str, 90 agi, 40 luk then vit rest. eto ba ung path para sa GAW? or if ever pwde bang ibahin at mg try ng ibang gamit? Yung sana pwdeng iba2 ang gamit ko. Also, ano skill build nya? Thanks ulit.
  26. Depende master sa stats and current items mo. For basic siguro go for 2x Rouge's Treasure to boost yung crit rate mo. And kung Katar ka madali mag crit. Then use katar ice[3]. If dagger need mo ng vadon card and Skel and titan if ever.. depende sa target mo na monster.
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