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  2. For me its good.. new start and nostalgic feeling of course. Then after a few months/week.. comeback to Valhalla again LOL!
  3. Just wait for the official announcement from the official facebook page/website.
  4. @Jambolina May I know the weapon you are using?
  5. Hi @reinhartpendragon03 make sure you enable/use Counter Attack Skill BEFORE the monster will attack you. The higher the level of your CA Skill the longer the wait.. Let us know if there's any concerns..
  6. @Niel, Since you're not in the PH.. You might need to use VPN such as ExitLag, BattlePing, Pingzapper, etc..
  7. Hi ROEXE Team, We would like to suggest to enable the town flag to warp us to a specific castle(depends on the flag). NOTE: This is only to warp outside the castle and not inside the castle (if owned by the guild) This is for us to have a fair competition on our WoE day and to make use of the flags in each town. I'm sure the game play/tactics will change when this is implemented. It's either the /memo is disabled 7x7 to 9x9 cell from the Castle Portal OR entirely disable the /memo on the castle/WoE maps and just use the Town Flags... Thanks!
  8. Iam new player but i cant log in my account on Extreme Ragnarok MSP server... maybe because of my country iam currently here in Japan? Thanks for the responce
  9. Been busy for a while. It is NOW implemented in our server. Thanks ROEXE team!
  10. Yesterday
  11. i just deleted the screenshot after reporting to CS but the stupid CS keeps insisting that the skill is working as intended... gave them a screenshots and few links in youtube showing previous gameplays of BS/MS Maximize Power skill active that deals a CONSTANT max damage.... really frustrating to speak with CS, they lack knowledge of this game
  12. Mga Boss, BUG ba ang COUNTER ATTACK ng KNIGHT na SKILL?, kasi kapag tumama yung mimic sakin d sya umaatak nakatayo lng sya at nagdadamage.
  13. Last week
  14. Yes it is. using that skill will make your attack deal a CONSTANT damage. Can you provide a video or screenshot?
  15. Good day sir kelan nyo po balak mag develop ng Ragnarok Official for Mobile? Im make sure maraming mag lalaro nun yun lang inaantay ng mga solid players ng RO eh
  16. Critical Damage Test - Rachel Sanctuary
  17. Isnt the BS/MS Maximize Power skill buff should make your damage to deal a constant max damage, recently seems to be a random min/max damage instead
  18. Yes, also consider the supply and demand of the item. There are more Robo eyes circulating in the market vs sigruns (which only a few characters uses).
  19. For my understanding its the same respawn time. It's just that sometimes there's what you called "floating time" before the MVP respawn. For example, Phreeoni.. it is not exactly per hour but there's a floating time of 5 to 10mins..
  20. Hi ROEXE Team, I'm doing some testing for critical hit attacks for daggers. I believe that critical hit ignores the Flee of the victim/monster. While doing some testing, it caught my attention in which the left hand critical didn't connect while i'm attacking the monster. It's just the right hand Critical Hit.. (See video below for reference) Unlike Katar users, there's two critical hit in ONE(1) normal attack - the first hit will goes to the right hand and the left hand will be critical too. Maybe this is something that you need to look into? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks,
  21. Doing some testing.. Crit Style Dagger Type Assassin Cross
  22. Never mind. Just learned today that prices are not fixed to how much kafra points are. Also, the economy is just messed up.
  23. Why do the price of the different Cash Shop headgears not depend on how much Kafra points they cost? For example, Robo Eye is being sold for around 3M when it costs 4K Kafra points. Meanwhile, you have Sigrun's Wings which is being sold for around 10M when it only costs 3K Kafra points. What determines the price of these items anyway? i mean, where would you even get these items if people did not originally buy them from the Cash Shop? i feel that the vendors can just say "Go get it yourself" if buyers want to haggle but then the buyers would have no choice but to wait for other sellers/vendors, else buy them from the Cash Shop...
  24. TUSHY

    TUSHY 🗡

    No. I didn't know that there's another tushy from another server. LOL
  25. Earlier
  26. You can download IDM (Internet download manager) and add the url of the download link for the full client. Reach out to CS so they can assist you as well.
  27. All i wanna do is make love to you!
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