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  2. Since you are still low leveled it is better for you to create a new character rather than waiting for the reset stats. Reset stats is also not cost efficient.
  3. have you tried doing PUB mesg to look for party?
  4. you can check tushy guide
  5. Last week
  6. Hello idols, Returning player po sa Yggdrasil server. Pa help po nang stats for thief/assassin at kung saan yung leveling/farming area for the class. At build with equips nadin po, thank you
  7. Any tips on how to level up a wizard? I am from Valhalla server and I have not played in a long time. HO is basically empty and it seems like nobody wants to party anymore. I am currently at level 79 and my equips are not that expensive
  8. The spawn time of strouf is 3 to 5mins as I remember when I get that eden quest.
  9. Not that much difference. For normal attack they are the same. UNLESS you use skill like Soul Destroyer. But again, not that much for the damage difference. I still prefer to use main gauche. +10 if you want your equipment looks good.
  10. I am currently at lvl 43 and my job level is 32 i am acolyte my stats are not okay i just want to know if i will go back to level 1 so i can fix my stats..
  11. there is no iz_dun05 yet. only up to dungeon 4. no npc needed to access it. you can actually find stroufs in dungeon 4 but unfortunately only 1-2 spawns only. you might not see them often especially if there are many players in the map.
  12. I have the Eden Quest to kill 10 strouf but i cant find the portal/npc to go into iz_dun05. Im stuck
  13. +10 Sandstorm vs +10 Main Gauche how much damage difference between the two weapon for left hand
  14. https://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=50000&qid=50002 Here try this link. Its a complete guide for the skill quest. you can also click the items to know where to find them.
  15. I tried talking to the NPC with Royal Jelly its not working
  16. Correction: The Advanced Adrenaline Rush skill will trigger depending on your ASPD. High ASPD = High Chance of trigger.
  17. It's just Royal Jelly and not "Bottle of Royal Jelly" You can confirm with the Customer Support Agent as well.
  18. Hey the NPC is asking for 1 Banana Juice 10 Fire Arrows 10 Silver Arrow 30 Tentacles 5 bottle of Royal Jelly Where do you get bottle of royal jelly??
  19. Remember to tick the renewal for equipments.
  20. Yeah it only happens once in a blue moon. If character is still low level just create a new one
  21. https://roextreme.com/msp/news/training-grounds-renovation-2 we have its even stronger than other NPC weapon you can find. OMG.
  22. reset stats happens only once in a while promos.
  23. https://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=60000&qid=60021
  24. ask ko lang wala bang newbie items dito sa msp??
  25. Hi i am new to the game and i wanted to know how do i reset my stats there is 5 points in int which i need to remove
  26. If you are new in Ragnarok and looking for best guide for Classic RO such as where to get items, headgear quests, other quests, monsters etc. check ratemyserver.net they offer vast information to help you with your adventure. no matter what server you are from.
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