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    B> Divine Cross

    Buying Divine Cross with or without + thank you
  4. 1. yes 100 total vit grants stun immunity, doesn't help with frozen status. 2. Combination works. 3. n/a
  5. Hello, I have read somewhere that this server is running in a Revo-Classic setup, and there is a guide that I have also read somewhere (forgot the link) regarding the updated effect of stats. I have some question. 1. Do 100 vit give you 100% resistance to immunity? Does it include 100% resistance to being frozen? 2. Does it need to be 100 base vit or it can be a combination of base stat + bonuses/foods? 3. I'm trying to build my FAS Sniper for WOE, and does 90dex, ~40 luk, ~70agi, ~60 vit build look good? Thank you.
  6. With the best patch that we currently have right now. This will be a topic for Katar and Dual Dagger guide for Assassin Cross. Guides I will be posting here are already done and uploaded to my youtube channel but I will be posting it here for everyone who haven't followed/subscribe me yet. Majority of the video shared below does not have double critical implemented yet. Katar Guide: My Conlusion for the video above: Wild Beast Claw is my best bet because it can be used anywhere. PVP, WOE, and Monsters. It is cheaper and very useful during WOE because there are Lord Knight players that can survive using slim white potions. And that's when +9 Wild Beast Claw became handy, you will reduce the healing percentage of their potions if Critical Wounds Succeeds. Then switch to a weapon that can deliver higher damage. The majority of Assassin Cross build nowadays has high luk. So critical rate is no longer a problem. That is why Wild Beast Claw is the most recommended weapon for me. As a player who only spends most of the time in killing monsters and hunting, I love using Blood Tears because of the effect. XD heheheh! Dual Dagger Guide: For the video below, is about getting left hand mastery or not. My Latest SINX build: Shinnok Set V.S Wanderer Sakkat My conclusion to the video above, I would prefer using Shinnok set because of the additional HP if it's upgraded to +9. Wanderer Sakkat aspd can only be reach with Kandura and +9 green black leather boots and food buffs. Only base on my build above because I have 92 agi. If you only have 90 AGI, you can go for Wanderer Sakkat and it is way cheaper than Shinnok's Set. PVP/WOE/MVP Build Guide STR: 50 AGI: 90 VIT: 72 DEX: 1 LUK: 57 The build above is for players who want to survive on WOE and can't afford valkyrie armor and gemini card. Stalactic Golem Card and Tidung is a good option for the build. Pure WOE/PVP Build Guide: STR: 32 AGI: 90 VIT: 47 DEX: 1 LUK: 90 This build is best for those who can afford valkyrie armor and gemini card as you won't be having stun problem when invading guild castles. TIPS: I would also recommend Katar and Dagger skill build for the 2 build above. Katar for Grinding, and Dual Dagger for PVP/WOE/MVP. Practicality wise, Having a katar weapon for grinding will save you lots of zeny. Because if you are going for Dual Dagger Crit only and always buy Abrasive, Buche De Noel, and other food buffs is a waste of zeny. That is why, I highly recommend having Katar skills to be able to grind and level your character without having problem on zeny. Soul Destroyer Build Guide: STR: 90 AGI: 1 VIT: 60 DEX: 90 LUK: 1 You will need higher upgrade on the said build above. +7 Mystic Poring Back Pack, The Sign Quest, +9 double bloody boned Elemental Sword, +10 Double Bloody double Boned Main Gauche. Alice Doll or Black Shiba innu hat, Robo Eye, Mobs Scarf or Pirate Dagger, Armor of Wild Cat. Dagger Type Soul Destroyer STR: 90 AGI: 90 VIT: 46 DEX: 32 LUK: 1 Equipment Needed for this build. +9 Mystic Sappun Tail, Gemini Card on Alice Doll, +9 Double Bloody boned Scalpel, +10 double bloody double boned main gauche, 2 Rogue's Treasure, +9 Green Black Leather Boots, Valkyrie Armor of Wild Cat, Sigrun WIngs, Mobs scarf/Pirate Dagger. Why Sappun Tail on the build above? Because with 2 Rogue's Treasure, you gain 20 hit rate and the build is a dex type, giving you more hit rate. And your Double Attack and Raging Trifecta will not miss on WOE because there are flee penalty during WOE. One of the advantage of this build, when a target survive from your Soul Destroyer, you can use normal attack right away, if there's no support for reducing delay on your skill. If it's an LK is the target, you can switch to Ice Pick on the left to kill after casting soul destroyer. For MVP guides, you can just watch my videos to learn how I hunt and kill MVPs. That's all for now, I will be back here soon or you can just visit my youtube channel for more questions. Because I'm not active in this forum.
  7. Is Aqua benedicta skill of an acolyte a prerequisite skill for aspersio? -Yes Actually if you really need the skill point, u can skip magnificat, just use the Zaha Doll from cash shop instead.
  8. I would like to confirm. Is Aqua benedicta skill of an acolyte a prerequisite skill for aspersio? If yes then we need another skill point And i think we can unlock magnificat by using the skill points from meditatio skill thank you for sharing this ME build a big help to us who play priest as their main character.
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  10. Need revo classic build guides for monk and champion
  11. Does katar and advanced katar mastery stacked? Sorry noob question, I'm new in assassins job. I dunno if i need to maxed out both skills. I'm planning not to maxed out only the katar mastery. I'll put it to the other usefull skills. Is it ok?
  12. As per the topic are Monk Platinum skills released yet?
  13. Here is the DB that this RO follows https://revodb.prtwiki.in.th/monsters
  14. up to u, personally i stay in valhalla server. easier as more eq is here
  15. Does Katar mastery affects dual dagger build?
  16. Dual Wielding SinX is the highest physical damage in the game of Ragnarok. Double Attack Critical is higher than the regular dual dagger type aka Double Daggers. Just go with the flow and what makes you happy. Just to share with you, when i started playing in Thor server. I'm the only DD assassin in the server. I made videos and my damage output is quite impressive. And when the trans job came up. then other katar users switched to daggers. at first, DD is slow but around 80 to 90+ it will be fun.
  17. Hi Patt, ROMSP is my longest playing ragnarok in my life. I have no experience in playing 255/120 high rate server. You can put STR and agi for the priority stats and LUK/vit the rest.
  18. Moscovia Island no longer exist? Monster Mavka?
  19. Stings at Byalan Dungeon???? No Hunter Fly in Geffen Dungeon???? etc. This game is SOOOO MODIFIED, this feels like the MOST PRIVATE SERVER EXPERIENCE I've had in my life! Can't depend on Classic, Pre-Renewal web databases for monster hunts because the game is so F***ed up by the management that it doesn't EVEN FEEL LIKE THE ORIGINAL RO LIKE HOW THEY CLAIM IT TO BE, MONSTERS ARE LIKE RANDOMLY SPAWNING OR NOT AT MAPS YOU DON'T EXPECT THEM TO BE! If you're gonna f*** up the game so badly atleast make your own web database for players to rely to! WHAT A TERRIBLE GAME EXPERIENCE! AND I HAVE TO LIKE SPEND AROUND 20USD JUST TO RESET MY STATS!? F*** THAT! I BOUGHT FINAL FANTASY XIV ONLINE COMPLETE EDITION FOR $35 AND THIS GAME'S GONNA SUCK OUT ITS PLAYERS $20 FOR STAT RESET!? THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE! ( AND I MEAN "THIS GAME", NOT THE ORIGINAL RO NOR IN GENERAL)
  20. Which one has the highest DPS? DD crt or DD regular ? Im a bit lost. Trying to do a DD in ragnarok transcendence but the server is full with DA katars.... I really like daggers tho
  21. Is there any change to item drop rates? Well idk maybe for balancing out the server? Here's my case. I am a Sniper looking to craft earth arrows. Hence, I went to yuno to farm Great Nature and did the math based on my loots, it's impossible to be having the results i just got. According to Ratemyserver database, great nature's drop rate from Sleeper is 25%. In general, if you kill 100 Sleeper, you are expecting 25 amount of Great nature more or less. So I farm for 2 hours and each 30 mins mark I will check my inventory to see how much I've collected. It bugs me that for every 100 Sleeper I killed, I only got 5 Great Nature. That's not counting the fact that I even used Bubble Gum to boost the drop rate. I feel robbed. And please dont get me started on the amount of botters in the map (yuno_fild06) that I have to compete to farm with. It's ridiculous. Can someone please provide me with an explanation about this?
  22. where is the npc for smiling mask and mythical lion mask
  23. Is there anyone here playing from Japan? Please help /gawi
  24. Earlier
  25. Good morning admins, First of all I would like to say that I really love this game ever since. I've played the game back in the old days. I really love the graphics, the gameplay and most especially the events. I haven't lost interest in playing the game until today. My account was suddenly banned for some reason. I already contacted your chat support and ask for any evidence or proof supporting the banning action. The chat support rep just kept on repeating herself/himself that the decision is final. This is unacceptable for people who have been playing the game honestly. Attached are the screenshots of our conversation with your Chat support rep and also the screenshot of my account getting ban.
  26. Thanks, anyway. Google helped. I don't know how to close this.
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