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Prontera.net Screenshot Event (WEEK 2)

This announcement is no longer active


Spread the word! Invite your friends to the forum!




  • Post a screenshot of your character in any map in Ragnarok Online with a public chat window displaying our forum, Prontera.net, and your forum name.
  • Your screenshot MUST include the Ragnarok Online Watermark.
  •  Participants of the event will have a chance to win exciting rewards.
  • 1 entry per forum account.
  •  Only 1 winner will be chosen every week.
  • To pay tribute to the upcoming Ragnarok Champion’s League (RCL), the entries must follow the specified theme for this week’s screenshot event:   Prepare to fight for honor and glory!”
  • The entries will be judged by the moderators based on the following criteria.
  • 1 forum member is entitled to 1 vote and the moderators each have a 5% vote for the screenshot of their choice. 
  • Modifying your screenshots will not be allowed (Using Photoshop or other editing tools). 
  • Submission of entry will end on September 23, 2019 (Monday, 6:00 PM).


Criteria for judging:


Creativity: 40%

Originality: 30%

Theme: 20%

Audience impact: 10%

Total: 100%


The following prize for this week’s event is:  


  • C Misty Ears




Here is an example of the screenshot that you must post: 




REMINDER: Screenshots with the correct format will only be accepted. 


Creativity is always appreciated. 


Submit your entries here

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